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What is CBG - the father of cannabinoids in cannabis

The cannabinoids CBG, which is present in cannabis at the beginning of its growth cycle, is the source of all other cannabinoids including THC and-CBD, And is considered the main stem cell in the plant. Besides being the source of all cannabinoids, it also contains several important medical properties of its own.

Canavigrul (Cannabigerol) called short CBG, is Cannabinoids Non-psychoactive substance produced in the young cannabis plant, in its early stages The growth cycle. It originally appears in its acid form, CBGA, and after heating, it becomes CBG - similar to the processes that undergo THCA and CBDA.


CBG - Alpha cannabinoid

CBG is actually the source of all other cannabinoids, including of course the most recognized and prominent in them - the psychoactive THC and the anti-inflammatory CBD: when the plant reaches the stage FloweringIt releases enzymes that convert CBG into other cannabinoids THC and- CBD. For this reason, the concentration of CBG in the final produced from most varieties is low.

Recently it was discovered that Hemp - hemp), The highest levels of CBG were found, with the cause of the phenomenon occurring in a particular gene in the plant that caused massive cannabinoid production. With this information, growers aspire to produce psychoactive and medical cannabis varieties containing high CBG concentration.

Medical properties of CBG

Researchers from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Madrid, Spain, published in January 2015 Research Which examined the effects of CBG, with an emphasis on its medical potential.

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Hemp plants have the highest levels of CBG

Neuroprotection was observed in mice with disease Huntington (Huntington's disease), a degenerative, hereditary, and life-threatening disease. In addition, this study showed promising results in cannabis in slowing the development of colorectal cancer.

Dr Ethan B. Rousseau (Ethan B Russo), details the various medical benefits of the CBG inReport Published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Among other things, Dr. Rousseau notes that CBG contains antifungal effects and helps to inhibit the proliferation of skin cells (keratinocytes), which can be beneficial In the treatment of psoriasis During which cell growth is out of control.

In addition Dr Russo notes that the combination of CBD with The trep Di-Limonen (limonene) results are promising In the war on breast cancer, And that the CBG contains the potential to inhibit bacterial proliferation MRSA, Which are resistant to antibiotics.

The next hot cannabinoid

The market demand to deepen the knowledge on the subject The differences Among the different cannabis species, teams of chemists in California and Oregon have developed lab tests that allow every consumer to check the percentage of cannabinoids in the plant.

These tests are now becoming a trend, as they allow patients to know what is the distribution of cannabinoids in their drug, in exact percentages. The new trend has led to an increase in the interest of the public in cultivars rich in CBD and, in particular, creates interest in the species that have not yet been opened.

Mickey Kush - CBN concentration of 3%
Mickey Kush - CBN concentration of 3%

It is expected that Cannabis-rich Cannabis strains will be used in the future for medical purposes such as treatmentdepression And pain relief. The researchers also predict that in the future CBG strains will be used as a beneficial treatment for diseases such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and disease skin More.

To date, the only species that is famous for its relatively high CBG percentage (about 3) is Mickey Kush, a hybrid product between Sweet Irish Kush and Jack The Ripper from Cannabis TGAgenetics, But due to the significant growth in the number of studies and public interest in CBG-intensive species, growers in the United States are expected to begin to delve into this area, as has recently been done with the CBD varieties.

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