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Magic powder: What is Cannabis Keefe?

What is the source of the "surround", dry hashish, which is so common in the Arab world?

If we go back a moment in history thousands of years back, long before people bothered themselves with issues like 'What is BHOWe discover that the most common method of extracting the cannabis plant in most cultures of the world was dry sifting of the raw material through a net or other accessory to be used as a sieve. The result was "Keefe"- these are actually the crystalline triglycerides that cover the flowers and leaves of the plant during The final flowering stages Of the growth cycle.

them Trichomes They are known as tiny "resin factories" that produce the " Cannabinoids And the turnips The coveted. Similar to simple extraction techniques such as "Ice Method"The" surround "is considered an organic method, a very basic" low tech "that preserves most of the properties of the cannabis plant.

The "surround", which means "pleasure," or "fun" in certain Arabic dialects, is mainly related to culture and the way it is produced Common hashish in Arab countries, Where in many places the powder is compacted for easier storage and transportation. However, unlike the common Arab cannabis, circling does not go through the compression stage in question, a process that can somewhat impair the profile of the trichomes.

Most extractors who appreciate the quality and power of their fun store this powder without compression, in a jar or glass bottle (to avoid oxidation), and try to avoid as much as possible moving and shaking the material until final use. Some Cannabis stores in the US and Europe offer their customers thin fingers reminiscent of a chocolate snack (like the store in San Francisco below). Some people will argue that this product meets the definition of hashish because of its shape and texture, but technically there is a clear line Which separates "kif" and "hashish".

In fact, as we mentioned earlier, many types of old school cannabis, as most of us know, are actually pressed kefic powder. This density causes the tritomas to break down and merge together to form the famous hash pieces that we are used to seeing from countries like Morocco, Lebanon or Afghanistan.

The nice thing about KIP is that it's not just another addition of THC, or some extraction of cannabinoids or specific terpenes, on the contrary - here the final product will contain almost all the materials produced by the trichomes. This is because most of the extraction methods use additional materials to separate the trichomes and the plant (such as preparing the hash in the ice method, or With butane gas), Which can cause damage to delicate arthropods, and sometimes even damage to some cannabinoids. However, the process of filtering the raw material and preparing the Kiefing, on the other hand, does not require (in most cases) a combination of these substances, and as a result the composition of the cannabinoids and transpenes obtained in the final product will be fuller and richer.

"Finger Keefe" in San Francisco
"Finger Keefe" in San Francisco

Excellent for medical cannabis patients

Has been excellent for patients who prefer to smoke their medicine, but they also want to get the most THC (or any other compound) that can be obtained from as few ambitions as possible. Patients suffering from nausea or pain will be able to achieve faster relief as they seek higher amounts of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids, compared with the amount they would put into the body from inhalation of normal inflorescence. According to the principle of "Entourage effect"A broader and more complete composition of terpenes and cannabinoids can certainly give a stronger and better effect.

Of course, it is also important to take into account the experience and personal history of each patient with these substances before consumption, since while one patient knows how to take advantage of the fact that in a few paces the desired relief can be achieved and continue normally with his day - for another patient the same aspirations may be too strong - and therefore the general recommendation for new patients is to start with something calm and to gradually examine the effect.

In the United States many commercial breeders will sell at a reduced price or even donate their cuttings and harvest residues to groups of patients who process this raw material and turn it into an "enclave".

Yummy. Powder "Keefe" in the jar
Yummy. Powder "Keefe" in the jar

Smoking or evaporation

Just as with the cannabis inflorescence, the circus can also be consumed in a variety of shapes and modes: one common use is to dissolve the powder gently over the grooved grease in joints or heads, others simply smoke it alone as it is. It can also be consumed by Evaporation, Almost without any need for special equipment. You have to take into account that since the perimeter consists of a fine powder it will burn faster than the flake of Cannabis.

In recent years, a phenomenon has begun in which consumers, and especially patients and patients who wish to consume more potent cannabis, prepare the so-called "triple decker" or "triple decker" "Moon Rock": This is actually a Cannabis flower, which is applied in pot oil and then mixed in kefic powder. The monochrome usually contains 2 times the amount of active material that can be found in a normal dry rash (over 50% THC) and will therefore be effective for patients with high tolerance.

Burned faster, affects stronger. "Keif"
Burned faster, affects stronger. "Keif"

The percentage of the active ingredient usually found in dry kefic powder will vary between 30% THC and 60% THC or more. The fact that this product has a relatively high concentration, together with the fact that it can be branded as organic and clean from other materials that came into contact with it during processing, has made it a preferred option for various chefs, restaurants and suppliers in cannabis dishes. But true Keef fans will always prefer to enjoy this magic powder by inhaling deeply from Joint, Bang or a steamer.

"Keefe trays" and say

As we have already noted, circus is considered one of the cannabis extracts that have been in common use for many years, but over the past few years all kinds of modern accessories have been introduced that allow anyone who wants to collect this magic powder. One of these well-known accessories is, of course, several layers of nets that filter the trichomas that fall from the flowers and lock them at the bottom, so that after a few weeks or months (depending on the frequency of use) you will find a nice quantity of kif.

"Keefe trays" is an accessory used by Cannabis growers whose purpose is to distinguish between the trichomes found on the inflorescence and the leaves and the plant material itself. Most of the quality trays are composed of two layers: the first layer is the one where the material is placed, and after a few minutes of rattling and proper shaking of the mold, most of the trichomes will fall to the base of the tray, which will usually be made of black metal or glass.

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