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How To Get A Medical Cannabis License - The Guide

How to get a license / license to use medical cannabis from the Ministry of Health: Before going to the doctor, you should know the process well: What diseases can get medical cannabis, which doctor should go and what should bring us to the meeting, these are the steps to go through a license.

The procedures may soon be revised accordingly To the program for regulating the medical cannabis industry in Israel, In which family physicians can provide prescriptions for cannabis, which will be sold in pharmacies. Until then, these are the stages in obtaining a license for medical cannabis.

First of all,Medical CannabisRefers to cannabis or cannabis extracts produced under supervision and licensed by the Ministry of Health. Besides, there is no difference between medical cannabis and any other cannabis, also known as marijuana or medical marijuana, grass or medical grass, and 'weed' or, you guessed it, a medical wade - it's all cannabis.

How to get a license for cannabis

First of all, check the chances of obtaining a medical cannabis license In the Kanapedia calculator.


Stage 1: Is the disease in the list of indications?

The Ministry of Health published a list of "labels"106 procedure) With a precise breakdown of which diseases can be licensed to medical cannabis in Israel. beginning You should check whether the disease, syndrome or problem you are suffering from is indeed in the same list of labels.

These are the diseases that have been approved so far for medical cannabis:

  • cancer
  • Crohn
  • Colitis
  • Pain
  • AIDS (HIV)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson 's
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • epilepsy
  • Terminal patients
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

But pay attention: Not everyone who is ill in each of the illnesses will necessarily be entitled to a license. There are specific conditions for each disease and the exact conditions must be checked In the official document.

STEP 2: Going to the doctor

List of Israel's new cannabis doctors (September 2017 - exclusive to Cannabis Magazine) - Doctors who were qualified for the job after completing a course of the Ministry of Health.

Full list of doctors Click here.

Except the doctors listed above have About 30 physicians Who are authorized to issue medical cannabis licenses to patients themselves - Only for cancer patients. These doctors are in the hospitals of Beilinson (Rabin), Ichilov, Sheba, Tel Hashomer, Hadassah, Rambam, Ziv, Western Galilee and Assaf Harofeh. They work closely with the Ministry of Health, but issue the license independently in the hospital where the patient is hospitalized, Regardless of medical cannabis unit and even within 24-48 hours from the date of application.

Michael Dor, the medical cannabis unit at the Health Ministry
Dr. Michael Dor, the man who signs the licenses

The person in charge of all cannabis licenses in Israel is the director of the medical cannabis unit, Dr. Michael Dor. Dr. Dor signs and approves the licenses based on compliance with the said conditions and on the recommendation of a physician.

All the other doctors in Israel who have not completed a Health Ministry stamping course are doctors Recommend Only - whose recommendation is submitted to the head doctor, Dr. Dor, for approval.

If so, in order to obtain a Cannabis license, it must be issued by one of the doctors on the list, or a doctor who is not authorized to obtain it recommendation For the treatment of medical cannabis - sent by the doctor in an online form directly to the Ministry of Health.

While there have been cases in which a Cannabis license was also made possible by the recommendations of family physicians, in most cases it is unambiguously preferable to accept a recommendation of specialized doctor, In any specialization relevant to the disease and in accordance with such conditions.

Step 3: What do you tell your doctor?

In general, according to the Ministry of Health's list of indications, those who are sick or suffering from one of the diseases on the list should wait about a year for conventional drugs to be "fit" for medical cannabis.

If so, in order to obtain a license for cannabis, it is recommended to see a doctor with a medical file in it Drug prescriptions have been registered for at least the last year, And it does not matter if someone actually indulged in these drugs, or someone took a little.

When you go to the doctor, of course you have to come with all the previous treatment historyIt is recommended to elaborate on how these medications are used, causing unpleasant side effects. It is known, for example, that drug X causes side effects, and it is important that the doctor knows this.

While there may be some discomfort in raising the possibility of cannabis treatment, and others fearing the doctor's response, the truth is that there is no cause for concern. In the end, this is a service provider, one of many. If you do not give good service, you will access a second opinion.

So after you've had the disease for more than a year, and you've tried all the drugs, suddenly a friend you know and appreciate, recommend you try cannabis and promise it will do you good? This is also what happens to many others. The moment you try, the pain suddenly disappears, you can suddenly sleep at night, suddenly the appetite returns.

Your doctor may reject your request, or recommend the treatment, either with cannabis or cannabis oil, or both, or capsules.

If you recommend, give your doctor all your treatment history, and specify why he decided to recommend cannabis treatment.

Step 4: Sending a recommendation to the Ministry of Health

If you have reached the fourth stage and your doctor is ready to recommend you to take care of medical cannabis, all that remains is to fill in The dedicated online form on the website of the Ministry of Health (If this is the first time for a doctor, it is important to know that you need to install This special toolbar previous).

After completing all the details and recommendations on the online form, the doctor must send it to the Ministry of Health, while giving you a copy of it, so that you can send it to the medical cannabis unit.

If you wish to be embedded in one of themMedical cannabis companies in Israel - It is important for the doctor to indicate this in the form sent to the office. It is also important that the doctor indicate whether the recommended treatment is in the inflorescence or in the oil.

The recommendation should be sent by fax number: 02-6474810.
After a day, it is recommended to call the 08-6268000 phone to see if the fax has actually arrived.

That is, now it is left to wait between two and two months - until the official answer from the Ministry of Health. More details On the Ministry of Health website.

Important Information

  • In most cases, the first license is granted for a period of only six months.
  • Follow-up tests should be performed with your doctor every quarter (every 3 months).
  • Most of the first license was given to 20-30.
  • You can request a raise later, usually at the renewal of your license, at the doctor's recommendation.
  • Renewal of a license is done in the same manner as the new license - the doctor must fill out the renewal form and send it to the office. You must take the copy and send it to the LIC.
  • Some of the HMOs provide refunds for the payment of the drug and treatment by doctors.

Please note: If you become involved with the process and need additional help, there are people who can assist you in the process (And these are).

For comments, problems, complaints, mishaps and misunderstandings, the following is a list of email addresses of representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Cannabis Unit:

Professor Arnon Afek, VP

Director General of the Ministry of Health

Minister of Health MK Yaakov Litzman

State Comptroller's Office

Health and Labor Committee

Adv. Sharona Ofer Hadani, Ministry of Health

Mr. Mordechai Babchik - Assistant to the Minister of Health
Phone: 050-4151111

Chaim Justman
Head of Staff of the Minister of Health
Phone: 02-5081325 | Fax: 02-5655993
Mobile: 0504121212

Ricky Shamir
Department Coordinator, Physicians Medical Cannabis Unit
Phone: 08-6268000 | fax:

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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