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Cannabis Oil - What Is It And Why Is It Good?

Cannabis oil is first and foremost the perfect solution for anyone who does not want to smoke cannabis and wants to enjoy the many benefits offered by the plant. The oil is actually an extract of cannabis flowers and their active components (cannabinoids) mixed with olive oil or other oil.

The term "cannabis oil" can refer to a wide variety of oils produced with or from cannabis, such as "Rick Simpson oil"(RSO) is specifically designed to treat cancer, Cooking oil Or common medical cannabis oil, mixed with other oils as a medical treatment for a variety of diseases, or oil applied to the skin. He can also refer to another product entirely - Hemp oil - produced from the seeds of the muff (food on) and has recently become so popular Until he ran out of shelves.

Rick Simpson 's cannabis oil
Rick Simpson oil RSO

legally Hemp oil Is the only one permitted for use and free trade in Israel. The Israeli Ministry of Health prohibits medical cannabis companies from providing patients with highly concentrated RSO oil (containing up to 90% THC) and cooking oil. Both of them, if necessary, are forced to prepare themselves - whether with the help of legal cannabis or not.

The oil is out of the shelves
The oil is legal

However the Ministry of Health Yes permits Medical cannabis companies can supply oil containing lower amounts of active ingredients and is usually mixed with olive oil or other edible oil. In addition, the ministry permits the sale of oil for application - a relatively new product in the arsenal of products of Israeli companies, but is very popular among people suffering from psoriasis, for example.

Why is it good

First of all cannabis oil is the perfect solution for those who want to consume cannabis without smoking - and therefore suitable especially for children and adults without smoking experience.

Since cannabis oil is actually the extraction of all cannabis components, it is good and effective for each of the labels (diseases / problems) for which the Ministry of Health provides a medical cannabis licenseList here).

Another advantage of the oil over smoking or evaporation is the precise amount that can be controlled. Each oil vial contains a fixed percentage of active material, which is indicated on the package - so you can tell how much each drop and drop.

Cannabis oil has gained popularity in recent years, especially for children with autism and epilepsy, who of course do not smoke. This oil does not contain THC but only CBD - the component in non-psychoactive cannabis.

Following exciting studies and stories, the Israeli Ministry of Health agreed to allow the treatment for these children as well. The children's parents describe a change of 180 after the use of oil, as can be seen in this article:

Types of Cannabis Medical Oil in Israel

Green Cannabis Oil - Regular / Forte - contains relatively low amounts of cannabinoids and mixed with other edible oils such as olive oil. The oil usually comes in two levels of strength - "normal" (1-3% THC) and "X" (4-6% THC).

CBD oil Some companies also offer CBD oil containing more cannabidiol and only slightly THC. Sibidi is the component that does not cause psychoactive effects such as THC and is considered to have exceptional health properties.

Cannabis medical oil
Cannabis Oil

Black Cannabis Oil - Highly concentrated oil containing high amounts of cannabinoids and produced similar to Rick Simpson oil (RSO). This oil is considered to be banned for sale to medical cannabis patients.

Cannabis oil for application Some companies also offer cannabis oils for application on the skin, for the treatment of allergies, pain and more. It has recently been reported that the oil is most effective in treating psoriasis - a severe skin disease.

Cannabis oil
The oil of Cannabalis

How to use cannabis oil

In order to make the most of the use of medical oil it is recommended to drip a few drops Under the tongue In order to allow good absorption of the active ingredients.

It is very important to try not to swallow the oil and hold it under the tongue as much as possible. Unlike the effects of smoking or cannabis evaporation, which lasts an average of one to two hours, the effect of the oil can last up to 5 hours at times. The oil is applied to the affected area, of course.

The complete manual for cannabis oil can be viewed Here.

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Cannabis medical oil
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Cannabis medical oil
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Cannabis medical oil
Kendok oil
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Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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