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Guide to buying equipment in growing stores (Hydro)

It usually takes a long time between the first stage of thinking about the possibility of growing cannabis at home and the actual growth of cannabis itself. Towards the growth stage there are preparations that need to be made, including of course the acquisition of suitable breeding equipment. So how and where can you buy equipment for growing cannabis? In nurseries, but not only ... Beginner's Guide

When you want to start growing cannabis at home, you immediately have concerns about required equipment, restrictive conditions, understandable fear, and more. Since the cannabis plant is illegal, most of the growth is done in homes and not under sunlight - and this requires adjustments, so those who have already decided to take the plunge and grow a cannabis plant themselves need help at first.

In order to grow cannabis at home there is a list of the basic equipment you need, based, of course, on what every plant needs - light, water, soil. For example, since there is no sunlight, special bulbs - HPS bulbs - are needed. Ordinary fluorescent bulbs will not do the work, as do ordinary household bulbs. So How will we know which bulb to buy? And how will we know which tent to buy if we do not have a closed place? And which fertilizer is better?

The truth is that most of the information can be found today on the Internet - Beginner Growth Guides, Beginner Forum - and therefore you can know everything before you get to the stage of purchasing equipment, but in practice, the purchase itself most people prefer Do physically in the store And not by sending them to the address of the house, which may turn over things that do not want to be closed.

What is "Hydro Growing Shops"

So you have to go to the store and buy cannabis breeding equipment, but while some of the equipment - like land for example - can be bought at any nursery, there are important emphases, and moreover special products to be made and purchased specifically in the cultivation of cannabis. That's exactly why "Hydropower stores".

Why "Hydro-growing stores" rather than "Cannabis growing stores"? You can guess alone, but here's a simple explanation for someone who is not involved in the details.

Cannabis cultivation in the home is referred to in Hebrew as "hydro-growth" and it was coined in the language because in some of the closed habitat areas people built in their homes during the years of cannabis growing, they preferred to use water-based systems for various reasons of cleanliness, savings, The name "hydro" (hydro = water). The truth is that even tomatoes can be grown in "hydro" and so are avocados, lettuce or cucumber, but the term is attached to cannabis.

Another reason for the root of the term "hydro" - and perhaps the main one - is of course the police, or rather the police spokesman, who enjoyed and still enjoys calling two plants in the tent "Hydropower Laboratory." It seems to sound to the public as something more dangerous with an English word. The absurdity reached its peak when, a few years ago, newspapers published headlines such as "Grass Hydro = The Sam of Death."

Why Hydro Store rather than Nursery?

So when you say "hydro-growth" you mean "growing cannabis." Accordingly, it is said that "hydro-growth stores" actually mean "cannabis growing stores." And just as "hydro-growth" is not necessarily a "growth of cannabis," so also "hydro-growth stores" are not necessarily "cannabis growing stores" - and they can also find all the equipment needed to grow every plant in the world.

Usually you will find it even more difficult to understand if you have reached the right place and what makes this equipment store unique from any crop store or other nursery.

The truth is that there is not much difference and cannabis grows like any other plant - and so does the products needed to grow it. The difference that exists, and for which you go to these stores, is that you can get these stores Dedicated counseling for growing cannabis.

Is it permissible to say "Cannabis" in an increase store?

The words "cannabis", "grass", "marijuana" or any other word that leaves no doubt about the nature of the tumor are strictly forbidden in the hydroponics stores.

This mutual disregard of the term "cannabis" and other similar terms calms the two sides, because just as the client fears the prohibition by law, the growing shops are not allowed to offer, advise, encourage or recommend anything related to cannabis cultivation. This disregard of the term does well for another important reason: professionalism. When the plant is treated as a plant, the whole atmosphere changes. And the atmosphere, as we know, also has a great influence on fruits.

So how can you get advice anyway? Suffice it to say that they are interested in a home tent, or a lamp suitable for growing at home, or for advice on growing. The store's employees already knew how to lead you from there and identify themselves, according to questions, to what you meant.

"Intelligence information" is unnecessary

Thus it can be said that in the various hydroponics stores there is an "unsigned agreement" between the sellers and the customers, in which it is clear to both parties that in the common interests of both of them it is desirable not to mention unnecessary information that is not necessary for purely professional advice.

However, there are seldom cases where sellers (usually novice sellers) tend to be unprofessional and ask the customer "revealing" questions, so it is recommended that the customer be prepared to share with the sellers only relevant information.

for example:

It is clear to all that the precise geographic location of the tumor system is not important, so if you encounter the question associated with the location of the tumor, you can answer the general answer "in the north" / "south" / "center" and move on nonchalantly.

Remember: In all the "hydroponics stores" in Israel, you know very well why you came to them, so there is no need to feel uncomfortable about skipping elegantly on such and such questions. No one is judging you or looking at you crooked. On the contrary, it is precisely a seller who insists on posing problematic questions is the one who is supposed to feel uncomfortable, since he risks his livelihood unnecessarily.

How to behave in a hydro-growth store?

How to behave in a hydro-growth store? Although it sounds like something to prepare for, the truth is just the opposite. A hydro-habitat store is like any other store or nursery, and so it should be seen.

However, there are a few more tips to consider. Please note that all these warnings are in order to maintain maximum security. In the present situation, and in the number of towers there is tremendous, it is already possible to arrive by car, and it is certainly possible to order equipment freely by mail, but those who want to be especially careful -

6 Tips for Purchase at Hydro Growing Store

  • When you go to purchase equipment it is important to remember that for personal safety it is better to buy the products in cash.
  • It is better to get to a place with a vehicle that is not yours, or by public transport if possible.
  • Better to get to the store recommended that experienced people have been tested.
  • Better not talk about Cannabis.
  • If you order the equipment in the mail - it is best not to invite it to the address where it is raised.
  • It is best not to go to the zoo immediately after a visit to the store and you should keep an eye on "suspicious vehicles" that may follow you on your way home.

Hydropower stores

Following the adherence to the term "hydro" and to differentiate and differentiate themselves, most companies chose a name that includes the term. Such as hydromarket, hydrogarden, hydrogro, hydroshop and more. The more original ones are Integral and Groshop, and there are new ones like Migdal and more.

A list of growing stores (the stores that sell cannabis growing equipment) click here.

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