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Cannabis automatic seeds - background

Cannabis species that thrive spontaneously are usually small and ideal for growing outdoors. Decreased sun hours and changes in the seasons do not need these plants to flourish. Most standard cannabis plants begin to bloom at the end of summer when the days begin to shorten and the amount of light decreases. Plants recognize their need to reach adulthood before winter begins. Automatic plants are different, they will enter the phase of diffusion even if the amount of light they receive will last 24 hours.

In automatic plants usually takes 10 weeks from the beginning to the end. It is also possible to find female-automatic seeds that will give the dual advantage of rapid crop without the need to identify the plant species at the early stage. These seeds can produce a crop twice in one period of standard summer.

Output: With automatic cannabis seeds, you can expect an average of 50 per square meter depending on the conditions under which the plant is planted and how it is treated.

Automatic plants remain relatively small, so you can plant some of them on every square meter. If you want to enjoy natural gas within 10 weeks, then using these seeds will definitely help. Nevertheless, productivity and quality can not be compared to plants that have blossomed normally.

With automatic female seeds, you should supply the plant with a growth formula for 2 or 3 for weeks, and then you can switch to the formula.

Features of automatic plants:

  • Usually grows to a height of between 30 and 60 cm
  • Suitable for outdoor cultivation
  • Automatically blooms after about 3 weeks
  • From sprouting to picking takes about between 9 and 10 weeks

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