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A. Tent: Three tents of cannabis growth are recommended

No hammer, nails or saws are needed - a dedicated cannabis tent that is built in minutes and will provide a home and protection for your plants.

The cannabis growing industry is developing rapidly. As a result of legal progress in various countries around the world, we can see more and more Commercial companies Which direct resources to the new field of business, which is becoming more legitimate every day.

In the not-so-distant past, when they talked about growing marijuana, there was usually a picture of underground growth in an old wardrobe with many renovations and improvisations. At the time, most of the people who used to adopt the hobby of growing cannabis were mainly those with a strong desire for plant growth and elementary knowledge in dealing with tools.

Today, however, the situation is different: in the market you can now find a wide range of dedicated breeding tents, very simple to assemble, that do not require prior experience and enable a fun and efficient process of growing cannabis with minimal distraction. This will help keep the hours of light and darkness that the plant requires and protect it from visitors and pests. Welcome.

Fully grown room in less than an hour

The breeding tents that we surveyed for you can be put together by two people in 15 minutes. If we add to this the assembly of the crop equipment itself: a lamp, a fan, a bellows and maybe some kind of charcoal filter to filter the smell - and we got a ready-made, high-quality breeding room in no time!

It is important to note that tents can be found on the Internet cheaper than those offered here. However, in view of the large number of cases in which growers reported low-level breeding tents that damaged plants, shed toxins due to heat, collapsed on plants in the middle of the tumor and other unpleasant experiences, Which have already received positive reviews filled with a few growers.

In addition, the prices offered here refer only to the growth tent - the additional equipment must be purchased separately according to the nature of the growth.

Homebox XS

Homebox XS
Homebox XS

The smallest of the three tents (size 60 on 60 on 120 cm), made in Germany, has a strong and stable frame structure, perfect opacity of light, two air inlets and exits located at the top of the tent, suitable for 150w HID lamps - 250w, LED bulb with different capacitors or some CFL bulbs.

A compact and basic breeding tent that will do the job is especially suited for beginners who want to experience the growth experience.

price: 150 - 180 dollars on Ebay or Amazon.

Watch a video on the Homebox XS:

GrowLab 80

GrowLab 80
GrowLab 80

This tent also comes to us from Germany, with a larger working space (size 80 on 80 on 180 cm), a non-toxic heat resistant light and heat fabric, made of thick thick tubes with anti-rust coating, Various tents including one on the ceiling itself for fan installation.

It has windows that allow you to peek into the living space without having to open the tent, with a very strong roof that can hold up to a kilogram of 45.

price: 200 dollars on Ebay or Amazon.

Watch a video on the Grow Lab 80:

Secret Jardin Dark street DS60

Secret Jardin Dark street DS60
Secret Jardin Dark street DS60

One of the most recommended breeding tents in the world of Belgian growers comes in a variety of sizes: 60 on 60 on 150 cm, interior of the tent for more than 97 and a stable roof that holds up to 20. third.

Optimal sarcoma with three holes in and out of the air located at the top and bottom of the tent along with a dedicated hole for power cord and zipper set for easy opening and closing.

price: 180 dollars on Ebay or Amazon.

Watch a video about Secret Jardin:

Of course you can also put together a quality breeding tent independently. See: Guide to building a breeding tent

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