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Cheap and effective bio-Bizz fertilizers

Most cannabis growers in Israel use Bio-Bizz fertilizer, which is considered one of the most expensive brands in the market today - where can a cheaper alternative be found?

Every living thing needs nutrition to grow and grow, but just as we humans can get our daily iron from an expensive entrecote steak or cheap raisins, so the plant we grow can have the necessary foundations for growth and healthy development from other sources that are cheaper and at least better the same size.

Bio-Biz fertilizers and additives are quality fertilizers, so there is almost no Cannabis Tower in Israel that does not know this Dutch company - but are their fertilizers so special that they are worth the payment of 20 and even 130 to 250 of fertilizer?


The main elements found in the fertilizers are NPK and indicate the relative amount of macro elements (the main elements that the plant consumes in high quantities) in the fertilizer:

N = nitrogen
P = phosphorus
K = potassium

Bio fertilizer of the Akogen
Bio fertilizer of the Akogen

Bio Grow - Designed for the growth stage of the plant.
NPK values ​​of: 8-2-6
Recommended consumer price: 50 ₪ to 500 ml.

Possible substitute: bio fertilizer for garden plants of the company Akogen.
NPK values ​​of: 8-2-8.
+ Micro-elements and natural hormonal growth enhancers.
Recommended consumer price: a bottle of 750 ml in 25.

To enter the company website click here

Bio Bloom - Designed for the flowering phase of the plant.
NPK values ​​of: 2-6-3.5.
Recommended consumer price: 50 ₪ to 500 ml.

Possible substitute: geranium fertilizer of PRODUCTOS FLOWER.
NPK values ​​of: 3-6-5.
+ Micro-elements and amino acids.
Recommended consumer price: a bottle of 500 ml in 20.

To enter the company website click here

Fish mix - Emulsion of fish (regular fertilizer), and Dutch sugar beet extract (mainly sugars).
Intended for the growth phase of the plant, and because the odor is mainly intended for external use.
NPK values ​​of: 6-2-4.
Recommended consumer price: 50 ₪ to 500 ml.

As fertilizer for the growth stage we already have a substitute, so we will refer here to the addition of sugars.
Effect: Encouraging bacterial culture in the soil.
Possible substitute: molasses, honey and more.

Mulassa - Addition of calcium and magnesium to the substrate
Mulassa - Addition of calcium and magnesium to the substrate

Honey / molasses also add calcium And magnesium To the ground, which are two important elements, and they exist in sufficient quantity in tap water. Magnesium is part of the micro - elements added to the fertilizers.

Adding sugar to the soil is controversial among breeders, and has never shown in studies that adding sugar to the soil helps to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria.


Top Max - mainly humic acids, which cause ion exchange.
Recommended consumer price: 60 ₪ to 500 ml.
Effect: Encouraging growth, neutralizing heavy metals, maintaining desired acidity.

"Returning life to earth" - humus
"Returning life to earth" - humus

Possible alternative: humus.

Bio Heaven - mainly amino acids.
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and are necessary for any living cell.
Recommended consumer price: 130 ₪ to 250 ml.
Effect: Encouraging the connection of enzymes and bacteria, which accelerates the growth rate of bacteria. The plant also uses them for growth and development. Increases the growth rate.

Possible alternative: humus.

* The plant can synthesize all amino acids as long as there is enough nitrogen in the soil. Bacteria produce on their own or feed on the plant.

In conclusion: The use of humus, molasses or honey, and 2 fertilizers for each stage of the plant are no less good and less expensive than the unique fertilizers of Bio-Biz.

The cost of the 2 fertilizer is 45 ₪ to 1250 ml.
Honey: 15.

Homus is sold at a significantly more lucrative price range when purchased in a volume of 25 liter.
Recommended consumer price: 3 liter in 18 ₪, 5 liter in 25 ₪, or 25 liter of Dovrat in 35 ₪ or of flax in 50 ₪.

* When we put compost and humus in the amount of 30% of the substrate (both together 30% - 1 / 4 humus and 3 / 4 compost), it may not be necessary to add additional fertilizers, and certainly not in the early stages of the plant.

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