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Storing seeds: Three things that Cannabis seeds love

Why should you keep all the seeds of cannabis that happen to fall into your hands - and what is the best way to do it?

Once, at a time when we were organizing on medium-quality Bedouin grass, each yacht involved a front seating where we patiently examined an enormous amount of seeds from the somewhat airy flowers. Today the situation is a bit different, for better or worse - Bedouin grass, which is cracked with seeds, can hardly be found in the market. The Israeli cannabis consumer has learned over the past few years what is good for him and most of the green that is circulating here in our small country will be the result of one of the "medical farms" that spread throughout the country and grow excellent medical cannabis (most of the time, some will share it) In home growing.

So it's true, in terms of the level of ganja we smoke, no doubt about it That the situation is improving, In most cases do not have to think twice before putting the flower For Grinder, But what is, as a result of the improvement in green quality - the availability of seeds has been significantly affected.

Today there are two main ways you can put your hand on high quality cannabis seeds - either Order seeds from abroad Or fall on a green flower that happens to have "fallen off" if it sowed.

If you have the seeds that came to you through the second option, consider that it is what is called "hermaphroditic", which means that the sperm can bring you a lot of flowers to do the work, but at the same time it will also bring some seeds on the way. In any case, a "senseless" flower - free of seeds - probably will not be, so it is very worthwhile to keep all the seeds of cannabis caught in our hands instead of tossing into the trash can.

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Not a complicated business

Proper storage of seeds can ensure their vitality even after a few good years. But what is considered "proper storage" for our precious cannabis seeds?

The principle is very simple and in all three basic conditions must be maintained and easy to implement:

People store seeds in vacuum bags, envelopes and "good"
People store seeds in vacuum bags, envelopes and "good"

1. Low humidity - Our seeds may look like still objects, but the truth is that they continue their lives, just at a very slow pace. They like a dry environment because humidity can cause them to "burn" their nutrients, which can cause heat emitted, which can cause a significant reduction in sperm fertility and low germination rates.

Tests conducted on the subject found that the recommended humidity levels for cannabis seed storage would be between 6 and 9%. In order to absorb extra moisture, some recommend adding rice or "Silica Gel"- a material made from a formal resin and used as a moisturizer in various industries. If you decide to put silica gel in the packaging of the seeds, make sure that this is the transparent type, because in the market there are also colored silica gel products containing toxins and carcinogens.

Of course, it is important to make sure that the seeds are in vacuum packaging or any other storage that prevents air from entering.

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2. Low temperature - Marijuana seeds, as long as they are dry, are able to survive at temperatures that may kill a plant. If they are not dry, too cold a temperature may freeze the fluid in the semen and damage it. The recommended temperature for storage of marijuana seeds will be around 4 ° C, so a refrigerator is definitely an excellent solution. If you decide to store the seeds in the freezer, there is no problem with this, but you should pay attention to two important things:

  • Do not remove the seeds from the freezer for a long time, they may thaw, and the freezing may damage their quality.
  • When you decide to use the seeds at last, thaw it gradually: put the storage container closed with the seeds inside, let them warm up and reach the room temperature and then drop them.

3. Refrain from exposure to light - Just like many industrial products and prescription drugs - the quality of cannabis seeds also deteriorates when exposed to light. It is important to ensure that seed storage is as dark as possible.

If you can maintain these three simple parameters, you can keep healthy seeds growing and yielding to you Lots of good vegetables. Inshallah.

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