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Why celebrate the 20 in April and what about Passover and Bob Dylan

Every year at 20 in April, Cannabis consumers and legal supporters gather to mark the International Cannabis Day celebrations. But why specifically 20 in April?

Every year at 20 in April, parks in the largest cities in the world (sometimes in Israel too) are filled with colorful people, music, dancing and lots of cannabis. Thousands gather together to celebrate 420 (International Day of Cannabis).

Even in countries and cities where cannabis is illegal, police officers are instructed to completely ignore enforcing the law banning the use of marijuana (not in Israel of course). Together with hundreds and thousands of fans, they stand in a cloud of Cannabis smoke that rises to the sky with the lighting of the group joints at exactly 4: 20.

Watch the 20 celebrations in April in 2011, Colorado:

So why specifically 20 in April?

One common complaint is that the Colorado police used to raid drug dealers' homes at exactly the same time that morning, believing that this would surprise the suspects in their sleep, is of course not true. Some say that 4 is a number that represents the amount of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant (and this is not true) and some will tell you that 20 is a code number of US cops used to report drug-related events, and no, it is not.

The most common and accepted claim, which was also officially accepted by the popular cannabis magazine High Times, is that the term 420 was born in 1971 By a group of students From California's San Rafael University who used to meet each day at the same time (4: 20) and smoke marijuana. Over time, the expression "420" became a code name for the daily yacht.

Members of the gang 420
Original 420 Group (?)

Another interesting argument is that the term was born 5 years earlier and originated in the song of Bob Dylan From 1966, known as "Everybody Must Get Stoned" and actually called "Rainy Day Women 12 & 35". If you multiply 12 by 35, you will of course get 420.

Another argument holds that the concept of 420 is even more ancient and is in a short story called "In the Walls of Eryx"Published in 1939 in the United States and told about a wonderful plant that at some time of the day stimulates the senses. At some stage in the story, the narrator looks at his watch after a while in a sensory trance and discovers that it is not long before the hour is still 4: 20.

But one hypothesis goes a long way back to a period of more than 5,000 years ago. Yosef Leib, The devout Jew who loves shacks And who wrote the book "Cannabis Hasidis"He published in HuffPost a very interesting hypothesis - he claims that the source of the term 420 may be more than 5,000 years ago and is inherent in Judaism and numerology.

"The word 'smoke' in the gematria is 420 - G = 70, S = 300 and N = 50," explains Leib. "The Exodus from Egypt symbolizes the fall of the walls and barriers of the soul and the liberation of slavery. The liberation of physical slavery in the story of the exodus from Egypt and the release of mental slavery through the cannabis. "

Clock 420

It's always 4: 20 somewhere ...

Over the years, the term '420' has been attributed to many different sources, but it became especially popular only during the 80 years when it was able to spread among all cannabis consumers in the US, mainly because of its widespread use among band fans Greatpool Dead. "It's always 4: 20 somewhere" or "It's time to stop 4: 20" have become fairly common phrases.

Today there is even a church called "420 Church" in Los Angeles. The church was inaugurated (some surprisingly) at 20 in April and its NNUMX believers claim thatJesus used marijuana And that the cannabis plant is in fact The Tree of Knowledge about the Bible. Church members traditionally perform religious services every Saturday and Sunday at 4: 20 at noon when during these ceremonies pray to God and light Ganja ..

This year, hundreds of thousands of people will celebrate the International Cannabis Day, the 420 in April.

This year the traditional event will take place in Israel in the Rose Garden, Jerusalem, Details here.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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