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Guide: How To Choose A Cannabis Variety Suitable For Growing

Thinking about home growing? A wise choice of cannabis strain is the first step to success. A few tips to help you choose the kind of cannabis you should put into your closet ...

I'm not yet a father, and I probably will not be in the near future either, so I do not really know what it means to be a parent or to take care of a child. But until then, my closest parenting experience is probably the experience of growing up.

Quite a few people who have experienced cannabis growth will testify that during the growth and over time a deep and incomprehensible relationship develops between them and the plant. At first I thought I was just weird, and it was a kind of fucked "aberration" to talk to the garden, whisper nice words, wish them a good night before going to sleep and even play them on the guitar. But when I got to know other breeders, I was surprised to see how common this phenomenon is and how serious and loving people invest in the cannabis they breed.

Perhaps I have overstated this comparison, because there are indeed many differences between raising cannabis and raising children, and in one of them we will also deal with this guide - when we have children, we do not really have control over how they came out - what color their eyes will be, Let us have a boy or a girl. Fortunately, when we grow cannabis, we can choose exactly what we want to grow, and adapt the species optimally to the growth conditions it will have. We have control over the species of the plant - do we want a virginal virgin female who will supply us with flowers to smoke, or perhaps a strong and healthy male with whom we will fertilize the female and produce a new generation of seeds for the future? We have control over plant height, growth pattern, and even the desired flowering time. So let's take a look at some parameters that should be emphasized when choosing to choose a Cannabis variety for home growing.

How to Choose a Cannabis Variety Suitable for Growing

  • Flowering time - If you are limited in time, this parameter can be critical. This is because you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation where you are forced to reap the cannabis before it reaches adulthood, and it is a waste of all the effort and effort. Today there is a huge selection of varieties, each with its own flowering time. for most, "Indica"Pure will bloom relatively quickly and give 7-8 weeks of flowering (there are indies that take a little longer, there is less ...) and"Sativa"Pure will attract its flowering time to ten weeks and sometimes even more (there is a subbicide that takes more than three months to reach the flowering stage only). Most of the varieties on the market today are hybrid, so the distribution of "indica" and "sativa" does not necessarily require, and you can simply check for each specific species its flowering time.
  • harvest - As far as the amount of dry blooms that you can extract from your cannabis plant, you should know that there is a significant difference between one species and another. When it comes to areas that sometimes encounter "dryness" or a temporary shortage of green, the crop parameter becomes doubly important. So we would strongly recommend to check carefully how much the plant yields. Most seed stores estimate the amount of stumps per square meter of growing area:

    * 300 caused a square meter - a relatively "low" strain
    * 400 caused per square meter - a reasonable amount
    * 500 per square meter - a very profitable species
    * 600 made per square meter - crazy breed ...

    It is important to note - before you are disappointed - the chance that you will really spend these amounts is far from reality. These parameters were measured in the most optimal growth conditions of professional breeders with the latest equipment and years and years of experience in growing marijuana. In addition it is important to remember that all these companies are ultimately "sales agents" and their job is to get you to buy seeds. The distribution of the varieties we wrote above comes only to give a general picture that will more or less understand by what estimate the amount of crop.

  • Indica / Sativa - Significant differences in flowering times
    Indica / Sativa - Significant differences in flowering times
  • a place - How much space do we really have? If we devote an entire room to our crops, then this parameter is unlikely to be a problem. But if we decide to go for a small, compact tumor (and in most cases that's what people grow, something small for themselves, maybe friends too), then it's important to check exactly (with a measuring tape!) How much space we have. Also consider the lamp, the distance we will need to keep between the plant and the lamp and anything else that will enter our growing space. After checking exactly how much space we have, we look at the characteristics of the desired variety - pure indica is usually very small and dense, compared to the high-altitude Sativa ... This is one of the reasons why domestic growers prefer indica to sativa. Of course, even with height problems can be dealt with today with certain cultivation techniques but it is very worthwhile to pay attention to this point before buying seeds.
  • Taste and smell - There are cannabis consumers who are not really interested in this field, and there are cannabis consumers, which is the whole story for them. If you belong to the second group then it is highly recommended that you make an inquiry before purchasing the seeds to make sure that the variety you want to grow does meet your criteria in terms of taste and smell. There are varieties that do give a really good head and a backward stroller, but they are not comfortable to smoke compared to other species. In contrast, there are varieties that can substitute for a fragrant air purifier at home, With an amazing aroma and excellent taste Which makes for more. What smell would you like your cannabis to smell? And what flavor do you want to feel in your mouth when you make a yacht?
  • Plant Resilience - This parameter will not necessarily appear to you in the basic information you will read about a particular species. And often it will appear in a different variation like "difficulty growing" or something in style. It is very important to check this, especially if you are a beginner breeder because there are certain species that are less forgiving of mistakes - meaning that if you put too much fertilizer or any other mistake, the plant will show symptoms of illness and sometimes even die. On the other hand, there are very strong varieties that are easy to grow and are forgiving for mistakes, so they are an excellent option toYoung breeders in their early stages. Therefore, try to find the degree of "difficulty growing" before ordering the seeds. If this figure is not specified, just search Google for the same species, and you'll find "grow logs" of breeders who have already raised this variety and can give you some highlights and comments.
  • Lavender - Unmatched taste and aroma
    Lavender - Unmatched taste and aroma
  • Stool What is the effect you're looking for when you consume cannabis? Here, too, there is a clear division between Indica and Sativa. When strains of pure indica or dominant indica will usually give us a strong, narcotic sting that will infect you with the couch (usually people with sleep problems tend to consume indica), strains that are pure sativa or dominant sativa will usually cause an irritating, A fun funnel that affects the head and less on the body. It's a good idea to think with yourself what effect you want to get from your cannabis, and then make a decision about which breed to breed.

It is obvious that there are many other parameters in which Cannabis species differ from each other, and the list does not end with the six points we have presented here, but at least in our opinion - the main ones. If you look closely at them, spend some time and thought before buying Cannabis seeds, You can adjust the final product to your full satisfaction and receive real value for the effort and investment you gave ... Pleasant growth !!

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