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Washing the growth medium - when and why?

What is the difference between rinsing during growth and pre-harvest rinsing? How do you wash? Why are so many opposed to it? All you need to know about the most controversial action in the cannabis growers community.

Cannabis lovers have brought to the world a considerable number of patterns of action And original breeding techniques - but at the same time some of them are also controversial. Among the abundance of paradigms in the world of cannabis, it is difficult to find a technique that has provoked so many arguments, such as the idea of ​​washing the soil.

While there are quite a few experienced cannabis growers who are very strict on pre-washing Harvest, You can hear the voices of breeders and professionals who claim that this action is quite unnecessary, and may in some cases damage the plant.

Purpose of rinsing

In order to better understand the root cause of the dispute, it is desirable to distinguish between the two types of rinsing that are usually performed during the growth cycle:

Rinse during growth The purpose of this rinse is to cleanse the substrate from excess minerals and salts that have accumulated during the growth (these surpluses may impair the mineral absorption of the plant), or in some cases also to balance the substrate in terms of acidity. This can ensure continued healthy growth and prevent future excess or mineral deficiency problems. This will usually be a more moderate "wash".

Washing the growth substrate

Rinse before harvesting - This action is considered controversial among the cannabis growers community. The main idea behind the technique is supposedly to improve the taste of the final product, its combustion, and some will argue that even the output of the inflorescence and the amount of final trichomonas.

How to wash

As with the distribution of rinses according to deadlines, it is also customary to make a distribution according to the intensity of the action:

Intensive washing - in which a large quantity of clean water without fertilizer (and some will be careful to be distilled and acidic) the bed of growth.

In this kind of washing In the ground It is customary to transfer a quantity of water of 2 (sometimes 3) from the volume of the pot where the cannabis sits. For example, a plant that sits in a pot of 12 will receive between 24 and 36 a liter of clean water.

Systems Hydroponics The reservoir must be filled with clean water and the system should be operated for several hours, then pour the water, fill the reservoir once more and allow the system to operate again until the salinity level of the drainage is identical to the level of conductivity in the irrigation reservoir.

This is usually not done on a bed coconut With clean water, but with a small amount of fertilizer, ie "moderate rinsing":

Guide to washing the growth substrate 2

Moderate washing - in which the plant is irrigated with an irrigation solution with a quarter to a third of the recommended amount of fertilizer, so that in fact, even after the rinsing, a certain amount of minerals will remain in the substrate.

Of course, the times and dosages mentioned here are subject to discussion, but it can be said generally that this is the distinction between the two bathes. Usually "intensive" rinsing will occur before the harvest, and "moderate" rinsing will occur during the growth itself.

Differences of opinion

The procedure of flushing during the course of the growth is not subject to controversy, and is considered a common practice in cases of excess fertilizer and the like. However, the theory of pre-harvest rinsing to improve the taste and burning of the inflorescences remains a source of controversy among many cannabis growers.

Claims for washing

Cleaning salts and dismantling compounds - The growers claim that the plant will have to dismantle the chlorophyll and other compounds that feed it, and as a result of the breakdown of these compounds, the smoking experience will be pleasant, tastier and smoother. In addition, there are those who believe that the imbalance in the level of salts between the plant and the plant itself (after the rinsing) will cause the plant to secrete some of its salts, which will contribute to the improvement of taste and burning.

Nitrogen transfer - washing manual

Claims against the rinsing

Damage to plant - Intensive washing of the growth bed too early may result in a lack of minerals and nutrients essential to the plant. Which will cause cannabis to enter a state of stress at a critical stage of growth, and to impair the yield and quality of the final crop.

Mineral absorption mechanism - The plant does not absorb the fertilizer as the sponge absorbs water. All the fluids and minerals in the irrigation solution penetrate the root system through a more complex mechanism, so that in fact the compounds in the irrigation solution undergo changes during absorption in the plant, and change into a completely different composition.

Test result - At the end of the day many will testify that it is very difficult (to impossible) to distinguish between the consumption of a cannabis plant that was rinsed and the consumption of cannabis fed to the fertilizer until its last day.

There is no wisdom in the experience

It appears that the scientific approach tends to reject the theory of pre-harvest rinsing, and more and more breeders (amateur and professional alike) are abandoning this pattern of action. However, it seems that this paradigm has adopted a religious audience that is not willing to give up.

Flushing Guide - Old fashioned flowers

On the one hand, it is difficult to prove that a rash that has undergone a more pleasant and pleasant tidbit, and that the chances of significant damage to the plant (as alleged by the detractors) as a result of irrigation with clean water only a few days before the harvest will be very low .

Therefore, it is only necessary to recommend to every tower that wishes to examine the matter to conduct a home experiment and to examine for itself whether there is a significant difference in the course of smoking. Is the taste finer? The combustion is smoother and more pleasant? It is not for nothing that Chazal said "there is no wise as experience" ...

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