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Growing marijuana outside - guerilla farming

There is nothing like raising quality cannabis in nature: there is no need for special lamps or a crazy irrigation system - all you need is some motivation and a piece of heaven ...

In the days when the Electric Company succeeds in exploiting the instability in the situation of the gas pipeline in Egypt and chooses to push a deep pipe up the backside, it is certainly possible to say that the choice of external growth is more economical, at least in terms of energy consumption. The cost of electricity in Israel bothers every family and every household in the State of Israel even without an 400 24.

Growing Marijuana Outside - Advantages

Growing outdoor marijuana requires quite a bit of preparation and investment, but there is no doubt that this possibility has several obvious advantages over domestic growth:

1. The feeling of security at home - Unfortunately, there are still a number of countries in the world where home grown three or four cannabis plants is still considered a criminal offense and therefore a lot of people refrain from doing so because of the inconvenience involved - sometimes there is a problematic situation to invite guests home after the smell, and there is always the fear that the blue will come Do an apartment search ...

2. Nature takes care of everything However, as soon as we found a good location and the business started to run properly, we saved ourselves a number of important elements that we would have had to worry about if we had grown our cannabis at home - If, for example, it is a good circulation of air that already exists in nature, as opposed to an internal growth in which we would have to organize a fan, supply carbon dioxide, etc.

3. There is no shortage of space for cannabis to develop One of the main problems faced by many interior designers is the problem of the place - not everyone has an empty room in the apartment where they can raise serious construction and most of us are forced to make do with a small room at best and sometimes even an old wardrobe. In order to take advantage of most of the growing area while outside crops usually do not have this problem and the plant can grow wild without interference

4. Energy Savings - As we mentioned at the beginning of the article: electricity today is not cheap business. The sun for writing these lines is still free.

Cannabis growing in a "clearing"
Cannabis growing in a "clearing"

What does "guerilla cultivation" mean?

When talking about cannabis crops outside, we refer mainly to two "methods":

1. Extra ordinary growth - This refers to growing in the private garden, on the roof of the house or any other place that is more or less considered your private area - these crops are common in Canada, Spain Portugal and in a number of other countries where the increase in cannabis is not considered a criminal offense. But as we have said, there are still places in this world that can bring you to justice for growing a plant - in such situations many growers tend to move to what is called "Growing guerilla":

2. Growing guerilla - The main idea of ​​"guerilla farming" is to grow our marijuana in a place that is not our private space, it is usually a remote and remote place or at least hidden from the public eye while camouflaging and obscuring traces. The use of the word "guerilla" is meant to compare the method of operation in the growth process to skilled guerilla fighters - just as a guerilla fighter will arrive at the target quietly and carefully without being noticed, execute his plan and immediately evaporate without leaving a trace - so we need to develop the skill of reaching the area quickly and discreetly , To take the necessary steps to maintain the garden and disappear as if we had never been there.

The most important stage in guerilla farming begins before we plant the plant

When we approach "guerilla" the name of the game is location. A wise choice of location can save a lot of problems and ensure a quiet head during growth, whereas a hasty and irresponsible selection of location can lead to inefficient growth at best and complications with hostile "factors" at worst.

Points to consider:

1. humans - left you with bad weather, wild animals and pests - the number one factor to beware of in guerilla farming is humans. Bad weather can certainly hurt crop yields, and wildlife can actually bite your ganja a little - but passersby can do much worse damage and need not be listed. So you should think about a place where people do not cross, get to the exact location and sit down and watch over it - you may be sure that a soul has not moved in the area for years but you may be surprised to discover that there are a bunch of kids who go there every week to play hide and seek ...

Other plants in the area can serve as excellent camouflage
Other plants in the area can serve as excellent camouflage

2. Access to water - One of the most problematic obstacles in "guerilla farming" especially in our small country is water sources. And if we decided to grow outside in a remote place that is not close to any particular river or water cistern we will probably have to carry the water to the garden. There is no problem with this (assuming we are young and strong). Just take into account that it does limit the amount of our crops because every additional plant that we put into the garden actually means a few more liters of water on our back each visit.

3. Exposure to sunlight Cannabis loves sun. And a lot of it. Therefore, this is a dilemma that foreign growers encounter again and again because in many cases the compromise between exposure to sunlight and the concealment of plants from foreign sources should be found.

4. Climate and weather - In Israel there are hardly any extreme weather conditions at such a level that the marijuana can not cope with them - but especially when the plants are young, you should note that there is no steaming heat or cold.

We found a suitable place - come on, start growing some marijuana!

As you know, cannabis has hundreds, if not thousands, of different species - some of them are more suitable for growing outdoors and some are not. But in any case I would not recommend sprouting the seed instead of growing outside but starting from the inside and after a week or two (even three weeks) to transfer the plant to our makeshift garden outside.

Positioning the plant on a hillside will prevent over-drainage of water
Positioning the plant on a hillside will prevent over-drainage of water

Cannabis in its early days is very sensitive and unusually vulnerable to one thousand and one troubles that may fall on it - so as we said it is best to grow it under a fluorescent bulb for about two weeks to allow it to develop a basic root system to help it cope with the outside climate.

After a few days when the plant has already taken out its first leaves, we will leave it outside for an hour and return it (outside the porch, the backyard, the roof ... not in the designated place). The next day we will do the same thing only this time. That way we will gradually expose our cannabis to the outside conditions without getting a "market" when we plant it in nature.

The final stage - planting the marijuana outside

Now that we have a number of small seedlings we are ready to go out to nature and plant them where we prepared in advance. Take a cardboard box of an appropriate size and carefully put the plants in it - it is recommended to wrap the box inside with plastic to prevent it from getting wet. We will close the box well and set off with a water tank, shovel / shovel and soil suitable for growing plants.

Needless to say, in terms of risk, this is undoubtedly one of the problematic stages in the growth process. It is therefore really important to make sure that everything is properly prepared and that the whole process is done as quickly as possible.
In principle, there is no need for anything too deep or too big, if the soil is in a good place, but if it is problematic, it is recommended that the pit be quite deep because we will fill it immediately with the soil we brought from the house. In the soil so our cannabis will be easier to grow. When we have finished filling the hole in the ground we will narrate it a little and then we will move the sapling in, cover it with more soil and kiss it.

That's it, now we have a Cannabis plant somewhere in the wild waiting for our cultivation and love, when the time comes, it will give us big time with big fragrant flowers that will do you good ...

There are several important points:

• Flowering time - Unless you are growing "automatic varieties" (meaning that there is no importance to the seasons and daylight) - cannabis ends its flowering process around October, so you have to take that into account. If you plant a plant outside in September, it will start immediately at the flowering stage, which may ensure a relatively fast but very low harvest.

• Professional guerrilla growers have a theory that if your pants are not full of thorns when you get to the garden - a sign that your location is inviting too. I personally am not sure that you must return from any visit to our girls full of grasses and thorns but you understand the idea - the place must not be welcoming. It is also very good not to leave traces - broken branches, small hidden plants and the like. The more difficult it becomes, the less chances that unwanted elements will reach the garden.

• Cover story - It is recommended to be prepared in advance with a learning cover story that will catch someone unexpectedly - many breeders also take binoculars and a bird guidebook with them - so if someone passes through the area and asks why they are doing this, they immediately pull out the binoculars and the booklet. This year ...

• A mountain or any other place on a slope is usually preferable to a valley or a flat place, because if it rains, they continue to flow down and not drain toward the cannabis, which can damage the plant.

• If you planted cannabis in a completely vegetative area, it is definitely recommended to plant several additional plants to help cover up. It really does not matter which plants are as long as they are green and do not require much cultivation and investment.

I hope that the day will come when the persecution will stop and the guide will be irrelevant since we can all grow cannabis safely in our private garden - until then you will be successful in raising and keeping yourself ...

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