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Reliable sites for Cannabis seeds online

There is no doubt that growing cannabis at home is an amazing experience. But in order to enjoy the special hobby we must first obtain high quality cannabis seeds. So where to get quality seeds, which seed site is reliable enough to be able to purchase leisurely and what to consider before and while ordering seeds home.

*** All the information in this article refers to countries where cannabis seeds and cannabis seeds are completely legal or for those who have received a license from the manager under any law ***

To be part of a fascinating natural process of growing cannabis at home and to feel the changes the plant undergoes from the germination stage of the seed, by turning it into an adult plant until the fleshy and fragrant blossoming stage - is a lot of fun. And all is well and good.

But to ensure truly great and satisfying results, it is not enough to purchase quality accessories, nor to grow up with passion and love. If we do not take care of genetics High quality cannabis seeds, We will not get the good results we really want.

It is important to understand that in the process of growing marijuana, there is a central parameter that determines the quality of the finished product - how it will look, taste, smell and, of course, how and how much it will affect. This parameter is the quality of our seeds. There is nothing to be done, how much we invest in the plant and how much we cultivate it - we will not reach the truly high levels of quality if we do not sprout a seed of choice with guaranteed genetics. Gardens are gardens ...

Buying cannabis seeds

Where do you get high quality seeds of cannabis? On the Internet there are dozens if not hundreds Stores to buy marijuana seeds, Called Seed Bank. These stores offer the customer a huge selection of seeds and a wide variety of varieties. On the site you can view pictures and a detailed description of each variety and its uniqueness.

The purchase is made by credit card or cash and the seeds are sent by mail when they are well hidden.

It is clear to all that in such situations the quality is above all! That's why we conducted tests and inquiries so that we could recommend only high-quality companies with many years of experience in the field and reliable sites that will not try to sting you.

So here they are - the names of the leading companies and the most prominent and reliable sites that send Cannabis seeds.

Green Parrot

A reliable Spanish seed company with a very high service awareness. You can access the company's store in Barcelona - or alternatively order directly from the site.

Logo of green parot seeds

New: In addition to payment in Bitcoin and bank transfer, the company is now also paid through Secure "Smartcard" card It can be purchased at post offices.

Purchase seeds from Green Parrot click here

Ministry of Cannabis

A small new company composed of a small number of people who have been active for 15 year in the world cannabis scene. They work with breeders and breeders around the globe, and they maintain at least three breeding facilities for their experiments and tests.

Ministry of cannabis

In the early years, the "Manifestion of Cannabis" operated from the city of Amsterdam, but since the beginning of the year 2014 they closed their offices in the Dutch capital and moved to their new residence in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The company sends its products to anywhere in the world and also takes pride in their customer service. If there is a problem with the order, you can contact the Manifesto of cannabis via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook page and they are even available on the phone!

To purchase seeds from the "Manifestion of Cannabis" click here

It is very important to remember: there are countries where ordering cannabis seeds is illegal. Check the law in your country.

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