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3 methods for germinating marijuana seeds

"Know where you came from and where you are going ... Where did you come from? - from a slaughtered preacher " (The Sages).

This sentence, which Chazal said many years ago, is liable to arouse distaste and discomfort among some of you. I came from a messy preacher ?? well yeah. All of us, without exception, have come to the world from a stinking drop of semen. And if we put aside the disgust on the side and concentrate on the beautiful side of the story, we can appreciate how amazing the work of nature is and marvel at how we evolved from that seed drop, and we have become who we are now - human beings.

Athletes, presidents, scientists, and artists - all came from the same rotten drop and progressed in their own way.
The same is true of cannabis seeds - when we look at these mature and robust plants, laden with fat and fragrant flowers, it is hard to imagine that once they were a tiny, helpless seed.

"That little more big will be ..."

In order to start this wonderful process we must pass the first stop - Germination of sperm.

The seeds sprout as mentioned above is the first step on the long road, at the end of which we are waiting for juicy and sweet flowers. This is a very important step because if we do it properly we can give our offspring the beauty of a beginning in his new life. On the other hand, if heaven forbid (mistakes always happen - even to the best) we can cause irreversible damage that can end the story. It is therefore very important to always act with great care and caution.

In principle, there are three parameters that should always be in our head when we approach the seeds: Heat, humidity, darkness.

No matter which method you choose from the methods we will detail, it is highly recommended that these three parameters be a 'guideline' for you.

Heat - It is important to make sure that the place where we germinate the seed will be warm, or at least not cold.
humidity - Throughout the early stages of growth, cannabis likes moist conditions. Especially when it just starts the life cycle.
darkness - The main idea of ​​the germination methods (as in all the growth process in fact) is to best mimic the optimal conditions that the plant would receive in nature. In nature, when the seed lies in the ground, not even a drop of light reaches it. We will also make sure that the sprouting area remains dark.

Methods to germinate seeds of cannabis

We deliberately refrain from determining whether a particular method is preferable to another because opinions on the issue are divided, and in the bottom line, determining the preferred method is probably an individual decision for each and every one. There are those who stick to a certain method and continue with it all the time, some change method each cycle of growth, and some combine methods ...
Today we will tell you about the three methods leading to the germination of marijuana seeds: The method of paper towels, the method of glass and the method of soil (the natural method).

Paper towel method

As we have already written In the guide to growing cannabis for beginners, This is a very simple method reminiscent of the period in the garden when we sprouted seeds of beans and chickpeas in cotton:

Take a flat plate, put on a piece of paper towel or sponge and gently take the seed and place it carefully on the paper. Then cut another piece of paper towel and lay over the seed. In the end we are supposed to find ourselves with a flat plate with two pieces of paper towel and the seed between them.

To give the seed moisture conditions, we will carefully spray water on the paper towels to keep them moist. Now cover the plate in a plastic bag (helps keep moisture) and place it over the computer, or anywhere else that can heat it. Within a few days, a small "tail" of white - its first root - is supposed to start going out into our seed!

  • There is no problem sprouting a number of seeds on the same plate - it is only highly recommended to place them at a certain distance from each other.
  • With regard to the splitting of water - it is important to note that the papers are not soaked in water but only slightly moist. To do this, use a shrimps or simply moisten your fingers and splash several times on the plate.
  • The temperature of the water - it is very good to give the seed water at room temperature, and perhaps even tepid water. Water too cold (and too hot ...) may delay the germination process.
  • Tap water - in principle there is no problem with watering tap water, although there are growers who take care at least during the sprouting stage to use mineral water. What is very recommended is to soak the tap water in an open container for 24 hours before use, thus evaporating chlorine and other undesirable substances that may damage the seed.

The glass method

The glass method is a controversial method. Some say it is the best and provides the results in the shortest time and some may argue that it is not healthy for the sperm. We have already come to know quite a few growers who use it and harvest an excellent crop, so we decided to elaborate on it here:

Fill half a glass of water and gently place the seed in the glass with the water - the seed will float. Now cover the glass with a certain opaque tool to prevent light from entering (a larger cup will do the job well). Let's put the glass in a warm place and every 12 hours went up to check out how the seed. After 12-24 hours the sperm has been supposed to sink down. If it does not sink, you can mix with the finger (preferably the finger clean) the water in the glass (not aggressive mixing of course, all with emotion) and if that does not help just give the seed a slight push down and check if it rises again or sinks down. If after a few days the sperm does not sink, there is a good chance that you will not succeed in sprouting it at all.

What usually happens is that after 24-48 the sperm will sink down and take out the root. As soon as we recognize this white tail we will transfer it to quality soil for further growth.

  • First of all, read the highlights in "The Paper Towels Method".
  • Many breeders like to combine this method with other methods - for example, soaking the seed in water for 24 hours and then transferring it to a damp paper towel.
  • Seed company Mandala Seeds Which brought us, among other things, the finest variety California Dream Explicitly asks her home site not to use this method to germinate its seeds.

The method of land - the natural method

The last method we will deal with today is also the simplest method - with no accompanying necessities and no different preoccupations. Simply put the seed straight into the ground and finish. Of course, you should know how to do it right:

Using a finger (or a pencil), we dig a small hole of no more than 1 cm to 1.5 cm, gently insert the seed, cover it with soil, and kiss with a little water. After a few days (can rarely take more than two weeks) will begin to emerge from the ground something small and green. It is possible that part of the sperm shell will still be glued to it - there is no need to deal with it, it will fall on itself with time.

  • Again, read the accents about the water in the "paper towel method" - this is also true here.
  • When we cover the seed in the ground it is important to pay attention not to compress the soil too hard. The little earth that women above the seed should be airy so that our little seed will have enough force to break out above the ground level.
  • The great advantage of this method is that the sperm does not have to move from place to place. Any unnecessary movement may be critical for him, especially at this sensitive stage. In addition to this method the plant should not "get used" to a new substrate and it starts its life cycle straight where it should be.
  • The main drawback of this method compared with other methods is that it is impossible to check whether the seed really managed to germinate and we have to wait a relatively long time until it emerges from the ground to find out, while in other methods everything is visible and if the seed does not germinate we will not continue with it ...


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