A little about alcohol and cigarettes-the most dangerous legal drugs in the world

Alcohol or marijuanaPeople who support laws The cannabis and its products - marijuana, hashish, fabrics, plastics, fuel, etc. - claim that marijuana is dangerous and should therefore be banned. They will also argue that the use of drugs causes addiction and serious illnesses.

Some die a year from using marijuana
Marijuana is healthier for use than peanuts

These claims do not match the statistics about the most dangerous drugs in the world - alcohol and cigarettes.
Alcohol and cigarettes are a lot more dangerous and addictive than marijuana, but they are still perfectly legal and there is massive encouragement from industry players who use seductive commercials and in most cases sell sex to sell more and more of these dangerous drugs.
Those who support honesty and fairness must be in favor of the legalization of cannabis and at least favor a comparison of the reference to it as a reference to the legal drugs of alcohol and cigarettes.Alcohol against marijuana

For an extended reading of the damage caused by alcohol consumption, press here.

Your lungs like marijuana.

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Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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