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Health menu of marijuana - "phosphorus"

Meet one of the key elements to help your cannabis produce large, beautiful flowers

Phosphorus is an essential element that helps the cannabis plant with several important parameters, among other things, in the development of thick and robust branches, coping with pests and diseases, improving the process of photosynthesis and growth in general.

Cannabis needed phosphorus throughout its life cycle - especially at the early growth stage and in bloom.

A marijuana plant that has not received enough phosphorus will develop slowly and produce small, unsatisfactory flowers.

This deficiency can be due to a number of reasons, such as unbalanced acidic soil - the ideal pH level in the soil so that the plant will absorb phosphorus in good form is PH between 5 and 7.

Blue / purple spots are some of the symptoms of phosphorus
Blue / purple spots are some of the symptoms of phosphorus

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Additional growth conditions that may lead to phosphorus deficiency are very low humidity or unusual cold.

Cannabis Like many other plants "loves" very much phosphorus and is able to absorb large amounts of the element so cases of excess phosphorus are relatively rare.

Phosphorus can be found in organic sources such as guano, sea fish and bats. Or bone flour.

Signs of phosphorus deficiency:

Slow growth
- Dark green leaves with blue / purple / red spots
- stem stalks and red / purple branches
- Leaves are yellowing and eventually die and fall out
- The edges of the leaves fold down

Treatment of phosphorus deficiency:

- Balance the pH in the growth medium:
In the ground: between 5.5 and 6.5
Hydro: Between 5.5 and 6.2

- Fertilizer in fertilizer Which contains high amounts of phosphorus

Cannabis and phosphorus
Cannabis and phosphorus

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Signs of excess phosphorus:

The cannabis plant is capable of absorbing large amounts of phosphorus, so such cases are considered rare - but too much phosphorus can damage the absorption of other elements such as zinc, magnesium and iron.

Treatment of excess phosphorus:

Rinse with acid-balanced water - Make sure that we pour at least as much water as 3 from the container in which the cannabis grows.

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