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A complaint to the police was filed against The IMCA Yuval Landschaft

A complaint of breach of trust and conflicts of interest was filed against the police against Chief of Staff Yuval Landschaft, at the same time as a formal appeal to the Ministry of Health demanding his resignation immediately, due to an alleged connection to a company connected to the medical cannabis industry in Israel.

A medical cannabis patient filed a complaint with Dimona Police on Wednesday against the director of the Medical Cannabis Yuval Landschaft in a breach of trust clause, along with an official letter to the Ministry of Health demanding Landschaft be fired immediately.

According to the patient, Ben Lavie, who owned Landschaft in one of eight private companies, whose oil first rose In advertising Of Cannabis Magazine from 2012, seemingly linked to the medical cannabis field, which is a conflict of interest.

Yuval Landschaft (Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90)
Works in conflict of interest? Yuval Landschaft, Director of the Medical Cannabis Unit (Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90)

In his complaint to the police, he claims that "the unit manager appears to be acting in a clear conflict of interest, wearing the regulator's hat on the one hand, while controlling the companies operating in the pharmacy market."

He added that "the medical cannabis unit manager is leading governmental actions that seem to directly or indirectly benefit him with his additional cap as a private business manager and at the same time ignoring the excessive collection made by pharmacies."

At the same time, Lavi, in a letter, addressed senior officials of the Ministry of Health, stating an urgent demand to move the director of The IMCA Landschaft from office. "The proper administration requires that at least the Yuval Landschaft be suspended from the unit's management, as long as he has not relinquished direct and indirect holdings in private companies on his behalf," he wrote.

"Although during the years of his duties the manager has led proper and proper moves, this does not absolve him of responsibility for the conflict of interest in which he allegedly acted - conflicts of interest as crystal clear and can be conclusively proven by a simple inquiry into the public register of companies."

In conclusion, he wrote to the Litzman Bureau that "you are asked to move the manager out of his position immediately, even without waiting for the Competition Authority to complete the investigation, given that the conflict of interest does not require further proof." He added: "It is not possible for a state regulator to wear a cap at the same time as a private business manager's regulator operating in the same area he is regulating."

Lavi even warns the Ministry of Health that if they do not act like this, it is a "creep training" exam. He said, “Avoidance of swift and decisive action will cast your responsibility on the manager's improper actions by default. This is not a punishment of the manager but a necessary step in protecting the proper functioning of the public service and the public as a whole. "

Along with the police complaint and referral to the Ministry of Health, Lavi also filed another complaint, to the Competition Authority, formerly the "Antitrust Authority", claiming that the medical cannabis network chains charge a marketing fee of 45%, he said, "while the law stipulates maximum profit rates. Of 25% ”.

He claims the complaint to the Competition Authority was filed because it "reveals a market failure which will result in reduced cannabis products by 20% by tomorrow morning". Lavie is obviously aiming for the new rise in prices of medical cannabis products after being shipped to pharmacies. The Super Pharm Network denied both tenures.

Finally, Lavi applied to the Supreme Court to join as a party in the case The Medical Cannabis Court He is currently fighting against the Ministry of Health, he said, "with the aim of enabling the most important information to be brought to the attention of the judges, which will help shed light on the reasons for some of the major market obstacles in cannabis."

Last week Filed Lavi, a law student, has filed a class-action lawsuit for over half a billion shekels against medical cannabis companies, called 40, a thousand patients for cannabis, for what he calls "cannabis companies' conduct as a cartel."

However, in his complaint to the police and his inquiries to the authorities there is no mention of the affair.The drug suitcase"Under it, Landschaft allowed smuggling of hundreds of cannabis plants from the United States in violation of international drug laws and the United States, and without knowing some of the Israeli authorities.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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