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Cannabis fines: starting with 1 in April 2019

The Cannabis Penalties Act, called "Non-Assault of Liability", will come into effect only in about 9 months, on the International Day of Lies in April. The final version of the bill was approved a short time ago in the Labor Committee, and this week is expected to be put to a vote and final approval in the second and third readings in the plenum.

The Knesset Labor and Social Affairs Committee met today (Sunday) for a final discussion on the draft law on cannabis fines ("Decriminalization") by Minister Gilad Erdan.

At the end of the short discussion, it was decided to approve the text of the final proposal without any easement required by 'Green Leaf' and MK Sharan Haskel.

The police demand also stated that the law would take effect only on April 1, the International Day of Lies, since it required preparatory work.

"The new law requires coordination between different bodies, and we need 8 months of development and at least preparations for implementing the systems," explained the police representative in the discussion.

"There is a matter of developing the new registration database, formulating the policeman's treatment in the field, in the police car, requiring a printer in the car, and more," she explained. "It is clear to me that we will be able to stand ready only after 8 monthly development and deployment from the moment of publication, and this too narrowly."

Since the entry of the law into the "records" takes at least a few weeks, if not several months, it means that the law will come into force only in about a year, and therefore Knesset Member Eli Alalouf asked the committee to set the date.

Therefore, it was determined that after the law will be approved by the Knesset plenum this week in second and third readings, it will come into force only after 9 months.

During the discussion, a final attempt was made to submit reservations regarding the retroactive cancellation of criminal records of past self-use, but the committee voted against the request.

Even the reluctance to exclude the youth from the criminal process completely when it comes to a third or fourth time was finally rejected, among others by representatives of the Allna party, MK Eli Alaluf and MK Roi Folkman.

The committee members were also asked to correct the fines from 1,000 for the first time and 2,000 for the second time, NISNUMX for the first time and NISNUMX for the second time. This reservation was also rejected.

Maaleh Yarok said in response that "the date of the law's entry into force on 1.4.19 is the day of international lies. It is symbolic in light of the conduct of Minister Gilad Erdan during the legislative stages and over the past two years."

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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