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Tisti Cannabis: All the secrets of green cuisine - on one Facebook page

Cannabis Milkshake, Hummus Cannabis or Hamburger Cannabis - the videos that will teach you everything you need to know to prepare Cannabis dishes.

Although there are dozens of guides and recipes for the preparation of Edibles - Cannabis dishesHere, for example) - there is always some concern before doing so, usually alongside the question 'But how much cannabis put?'.

The reason for this concern is that consumption of cannabis in food, through the stomach, is significantly different from consumption by smoking, Evaporation Or even oil.

In contrast to the smoking consumption that leads to a relatively fast high-speed pic followed by a sharp drop in effect, when it comes to food, the Peake comes much later and lasts longer.

For example, a person who eats a Cannabis cookie and does not feel any effect after an hour may be tempted to eat another cookie without realizing that the first one just started to influence.

These situations sometimes cause panic attacks and anxiety, unwanted thoughts and a general sense of distress and helplessness. By the way in this case it is best to drink, eat, take a shower and lie on your back (not necessarily in this order).

So in order not to mistake the quantities, a new Facebook page called 'Canadish, Which is actually the 'titist' of cannabis, will teach you a video after a video how to prepare cannabis-enriched foods - with precise and recommended amounts.

Because you can easily turn most of the foods in your homemade recipe book into Cannabis, simply by adding cannabis butter - the first and most important guide is how to make such cannabis butter (See here).

But that's not all. The page contains dozens of videos divided into categories of baking, cooking and drinks, including recipes for honey cannabis, cannabis milkshakes, Oreo cannabis cookies, cheese cannabis fondue, hamburger cannabis, hamburger and more.

All videos can be found Here, But here are some of the most prominent ones (just do not forget to translate the degrees to Celsius):

Choco Cannabis:

Guacamole Cannabis:

Oreo Cannabis Cookies:

Pasta Cannabis:

Coffee Cannabis:

Cannabis Pancakes:

Cannabis Burger:

Tequila Cannabis:

Cannabis Ice Cream:

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Cannabis fines

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