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Cannabis for fertility: Marijuana can increase sperm production in men

Contrary to claims that cannabis consumption may cause low sperm count, a new study has found that marijuana can be used as a solution to infertility in men. The study found that one of the cannabinoid receptors in the body has a unique effect on sperm count and can even encourage the production of new sperm cells.

During the decades of propaganda against Cannabis, various claims have been made regarding the damage cannabis causes - from violence and suicide, through schizophrenia and psychosis to road accidents and sexual promiscuity.

One of the few complaints that is sometimes heard today is that cannabis consumption affects male fertility. In a published study In 2003 The researchers determined that the male sperm may "burn" on its way to the egg due to excess energy investment.

"The new key to fertility treatments"

However a new study has been published In the scientific journal FASEB Shows that cannabis may be present A positive impact On male fertility and increased sperm production.

In a press release Published this week It was reported that "marijuana receptor may be the key to new fertility treatments in men."

"The possibility of improving male fertility is one of the things that this study has focused on," explains Dr Paula Grimaldi. "This is because infertility is a global problem that affects 15% of couples and men are responsible for 20 to 70 of the cases."

Increased semen production rate

In the study, 3 groups of laboratory mice were examined. In one group, the researchers activated the CB2 receptor (one receptor) The endocannabinoid system). In the second group, the researchers switched off the receptor, and in the third group, the mice were given a normal saline solution that should not have any effect.

After 14 to 21 days, the researchers found that the group of mice in which the CB2 receptor was activated showed an increase in sperm production (Spermatogenesis). The group with which the receptor was switched off showed a slow rate of sperm production, suggesting that the endocannabinoid system Cannabinoids) Plays an important role in the fertility process.

Thurro Federson, The editor-in-chief of FASEB, said: "The advantage of cannabinoids in sperm production ... has promising potential for a new concept for treating infertility in men."

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