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The far-right activist calls on police to arrest Guy Lerer: "drug trafficking"

"I hope the police arrest Guy Lerer on drug trafficking," the far-right activist wrote in response to the new project of the "tube" television program that tries to help autistic children find medical cannabis oil that is out of stock by the Ministry of Health.

The far-right activist Malka Tweito, who is affiliated with the "Jewish Power" party, calls on the police to arrest the journalist and the "pipeline" Guy Lerer, following a new campaign he has been running in recent weeks.

"I really hope that the police arrest Guy Lerer for drug trafficking," tweeted In a tweet Which has received hundreds of comments. "He did a charming and exciting act, but legalization supporters also need to know that by the time illegal cannabis is not allowed to pass the law. point. There is no reason why police who arrested Silver will not arrest Lerer. "

For those who have not been following the publications in recent weeks, please note that Lerer, along with the program team, decided to try to cope with the severe shortage of medical cannabis caused by pharmacy reform, with emphasis on the shortage caused by autistic children and their parents.

Queen tweety with ripple biton
Queen Twito (left) with Adva Biton, candidate 3 on the "Jewish Power" list for the Knesset (photo: screenshot on Twitter)

This shortage of specialty oil they used to receive for years and was recently banned from marketing led the popular journalist to publish a formal call for patients in Israel to hand over the cannabis oil residue that he gives to children.

What sounds like an act of kindness to Lerer may be interpreted by dry law as a drug trafficking offense, since "drug trafficking" is considered an offense even when no consideration is given for cannabis given. Accordingly, Lehrer allegedly passed on the drug order.

Guy Lerer demonstrating medical cannabis patients
Guy Lerer demonstrates medical cannabis patients (Photo: Flash 90)

In addition, when Lehrer held the oil bottles and cannabis bags he was handed, as seen in a photographic article that covered the activity, the police could argue that this was another offense of possession of cannabis in violation of the law.

Under the dry law, patients who delivered medical cannabis to Lerer's hands also allegedly violated the law, as well as clauses in the medical cannabis license that prohibit the transfer of cannabis to another person without a permit from the Ministry of Health.

An overwhelming majority of tweet tweeting responses protested the surprising statement. She replied to these allegations that "the police have to do its job and cannot decide who is a corner car."

Despite the risk involved in his activity, Lerer makes it clear that he does not intend to stop but also to expand the activities to help the needy patients.

Even if the police do not intervene, he will have to deal with Facebook at the same time, who have decided to delete his publications because he called on others to help him fill in the blanks for the children.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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