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Identity refugees join the "right": ensuring medical cannabis for everyone

"Identity" party members Gilad Alper and Libby Mold announced at a press conference to join the "right" party that opposes legalization and promised to promote the same controversial version of medical cannabis that Feiglin signed with Netanyahu.

"Identity" refugees Gilad Alper and Libby Mold announced an hour ago at a press conference about their retirement, and support for the "right" party in the upcoming elections.

The two retired from Moshe Feiglin's party after that He announced For joining the Likud party, and having abandoned some of its promises to voters, including a promise to legalize.

Members of the "right" party with Gilad Alper and Livi Mold
Members of the “right” party with Gilad Alper (third from left) and Libby Mold (third from right)

Even so, the two also give up their new party You promised To legalization, and instead present the same medical cannabis model Which he introduced Feiglin.

In fact, Alper and Mold are connected to the most vocal opponent of the Knesset, Transport Minister Bezalel Smutrich, Who claims Because "legalization is a lie designed to distribute drugs throughout Israel."

According to the model, The controversial, Any physician, including family physicians, can presumably prescribe any amount of cannabis for any illness, including, for example, migraines, back pain or sleep problems.

This model, presented by Feiglin, has been criticized and even disrespected by government and police officials who stated that it was an unenforceable political promise in light of opposition from health care and enforcement systems.

However, if this promise is indeed fulfilled, it is certainly a big gospel for legalization advocates in Israel and undoubtedly a half-step on the path to a complete regulation of the legal adult cannabis market.

Members of the "right" party with Gilad Alper and Livi Mold
Gilad Alper (first from right) and Livi Mold (first from left) with Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked

Naftali Bennett, No. 4 on the list of "right", announced at the press conference that "right" commits to the same annex signed by Feiglin and Netanyahu and made it clear that writing it would also constitute one of their threshold conditions for entering the coalition.

According to Bennett, like Feiglin's promise, this appendix will be submitted for government and Knesset approval already in the first session, making explicit that doctors will not be subject to the treatment guidelines of "The Green Book”Or any other external guidelines.

"It's time to stop this horrible failure and allow thousands of patients to receive the only drug that brings relief to their pain," he said. “In the coming government we will make sure to correct the distortion created by cannabis reform. Every physician and psychiatrist in Israel is allowed to prescribe cannabis for every patient, any problem, whatever quantity the doctor may prescribe. The patient can change the type of cannabis according to his wishes, with the limit of quantities prescribed by the doctor and with the approval of the pharmacist. If the public gives us enough political power, then both of these things are within reach. "

"Unfortunately, and despite my experience, there is currently no solution to the price issue, except for the possibility of rapid personal importation enshrined in mitigating customs regulations," he concluded, though that promise would also likely include difficulties in banning the export of cannabis from other countries.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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