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A piece of history: the shacks in the British Mandate prison

Did the underground fighters incarcerated in the British police prisons occasionally sin with a joint of hashish? "They smoke the hashish in the evenings, shut the doors of the cells, when it is mixed with the forbidden cigarette tobacco," says one of the prisoners.

By: Ziv Janisov

One of the most well-known allegations against the war on drugs is that from a practical point of view this is simply a plan that can not be implemented. Many experts in the US believe that the American Prison Service There is not a single prison with no drugs, And if so, it is clear that if the government and the establishment are unable to prevent the distribution of drugs in a closed facility like the prison, then there is no chance of eradicating the phenomenon in a free society.

In a book entitled "Of the walls"Which was published in 1942 (six years before the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel), the author of the anonymous book (who called himself" a Hebrew prisoner ") writes about the way of life that existed within the prison of the British Mandate in Palestine. The smoking culture of cannabis that existed among the prisoners in Palestine, despite the sweeping prohibition and heavy punishments of the British police:

"Smok the hashish in the evenings, close the doors of the cells" Click to enlarge
"Smoking the hashish in the evenings, by closing the doors of the cells" (click to enlarge)

Hashish is a commodity traded in the prison and many prisoners use it. Despite meticulous searches, it is inserted into the inner courtyard of the prison and sold for full money. The forbidden, of course, too. Smoking the hashish in the evenings, closing the doors of the cells, mixed with the forbidden cigarette tobacco. The suspect and the potter in his hand - and that was the smallest amount - were punished very harshly: many days of solitary confinement and months of imprisonment. But this does not weaken the use of this drug at all. Because the need for it is too strong.

It is true that a large percentage of the population of prisoners who arrived at the time of the British police prisons were Arabs, or Jews who were arrested for "criminal offenses." However, there is a reasonable basis to assume that the prisoners, the "heroes of the nation" To glorify Israel's national history and heritage lessons, they also occasionally enjoyed some small yacht for health ...

Thanks to Aviel B. for the tip.

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