A world without truth: Scientology with the War on Drugs Authority

While public opinion tends to legalize and regulate the cannabis market by law, radical organizations are the ones that are leading the struggle for the continuation of the war on drugs. Shiran Gonen examined the connection between Scientology and hate organizations for the World Without Drugs organization and the National Anti-Drug Authority

By: Shiran Gonen

The Knesset Committee, which convened last week to discuss the cessation of incriminating cannabis consumers in Israel, can serve as a basis for optimism regarding the cessation of the unnecessary war on drugs. In contrast to similar discussions from the past, this time it seemed That most participants support relief The strict laws against cannabis consumers, and the separation of marijuana and cannabis from other substances that appear in the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.

The decline of the Anti-Drug Authority

Another basis for optimism is the fact that the only people still holding the tough and conservative position against the cannabis plant are the Anti-Drug Authority (which does so as part of its role) and the Drugless World, which has emerged over the last year as part of anti-drug campaigns.

The Israel Anti-Drug Authority, which for years has distributed information against the use of cannabis and has been active against consumers, has withdrawn over the past year from its focus on marijuana and hashish. If you look at the Home Page of the Authority Today we can see that there is not a single mention of cannabis and the main focus is on drinking alcohol.

The change in the position of the National Authority apparently came from pressure from those who advocate legalization: Her claims were refuted after she was discovered Because they are based on clearly non-scientific documents and are biased. Various advertising campaigns ('Adam Barak', The marketing channel in Wala Etc.) that it marketed - which cost a fortune And were paid from public funds - Removed from network Following lies and half truths.

World Without Drugs - Scientology

Now, as a result of the change in PA policy, it seems that the only one left standing at the head of the war in Cannabis is the "A world without drugs"Which was surprisingly discovered to be a member of the Church of Scientology. On the organization's website "The organization is a global non-profit organization founded by Scientologists working in the field of education and bringing real knowledge about drugs ..." and that "World-class drug use has led to what can unquestionably be described as a world rife with blood and human unhappiness."

Oppose Scientology
Oppose Scientology in Israel as well

According to WikipediaScientology claims that there is no research backing and investigations and media publications and inquiries by commissions of inquiry in various countries, including Australia, Israel and France, rejected the claim as a scientific basis for Scientology, and defined it as a cult. The commissions of inquiry and debriefings even pointed out the use of psychological manipulation methods in Scientology and in Germany Scientology was declared a "totalitarian organization" and a wide-ranging public campaign was waged against it.

According to 'Center for Victims of Cults in Israel'Scientology is a religion that believes that the world was created 75 a million years ago by a galactic ruler, a cruel alien called Zeno. Scientology was founded in 1967 by Ron L. Hubbard, Who had made a living by writing fictional stories and in the year 52 claimed that "the only way you can control people is to lie to them." The Taasse-Glazer Committee report, which examined the issue of cults in Israel for five years, Dangerous sect in Israel. "

Ayelet from Alice Cohen

Ayelet from Alice Cohen
Ayelet from Alice Cohen

Ayelet from Alice Cohen, President of the No-Drugs Organization in Israel, is one of the strongest opponents of any kind of relief for cannabis consumers. "Marijuana is more carcinogenic than cigarettes," said Malis-Cohen In an article published In the Haifa News last year.

In the article, Malis-Cohen explained that "a marijuana cigarette includes between 50 and 70% more cancerous carcinogens than a tobacco cigarette," and that "a single cannabis cigarette can damage the lungs like five smoked tobacco cigarettes one after the other." "May cause an increased risk of leukemia in children."

All of Cohen's claims, based on a document from the Anti-Drug Authority, as she herself attests, were refuted one after another in the article Published in August 2013.

"Cannabis is a very dangerous drug"

The Knesset Drug Committee, which convened last week to discuss the cessation of incrimination of cannabis consumers in Israel, was a good example of the change in the leadership of the cannabis struggle in Israel. A representative of the Anti-Drug Authority, Yossi Harel-Fish, Spoke of the subject and expressed strong opposition to de-criminality, but he said the matter quickly and at the end of which he rose from his chair and left the committee without waiting for answers to his claims. Needless to say, Yair Geller, the director-general of the IAA, was not present at the hearing.

The person who "replaced" him as the representative of the opponents was Ayelet Malis-Cohen, who represented the organization as a world without drugs. Cohen began to speak with great emotion and in a trembling voice, saying that "cannabis is an absolutely dangerous drug."

Cannabis Sam is dangerous, here are some medicines
Cannabis Sam is dangerous, here are some medicines

"It's very hard for me to hear people who support the doping of the State of Israel because I am in the field and see their doping and their question marks and I am the one who should fight this and prevent the children's doping," she said. "The state has a responsibility to protect the citizen and drugs and cannabis in particular, causing damage to his body and soul as proven by studies and harms the productivity of society."

"For these reasons, the legislator must stop the phenomenon of drug use and not allow its expansion," Cohen added, referring to the high costs of the war on drugs that deprive the state of the potential of More than 2 billion. "A state is not a business whose purpose is profits. It is supposed to invest resources to achieve well-being rather than reduce resources to gain profit, "she explained. "For example, the vast army of the State of Israel is not a particularly profitable business, and so is the education system ..."

In conclusion, she asked Alice Cohen that the chairman of the committee would declare his support for her stance against stopping the incrimination of cannabis consumers. "Since that is the committee To fight Despite the drug abuse, even if it is possible to present different positions in the discussion itself, I request that the message at the end of the discussion not be vague. "


Extremist organizations are all that remains

It seems that the long struggle for legalization is bearing fruit and the end is probably closer than ever when politicians, policymakers, country leaders, scientists and experts all over the world already understand that the war against drugs is a complete failure and that the constitutional comparison between cannabis and other hazardous materials is inappropriate and must be changed.

The only ones left standing are the arguments of various extremist organizations. Thus, in the case of Ayelet Malis-Cohen, the World Without Drugs organization and Scientology, as well as the National Anti-Drug Authority's claims, which are often based, As we have shown here, Extreme right-wing organizations that oppose abortion, gay-sex relations and divorce, and have been declared "hate organizations".

The Israeli public must ask itself whether government policy should be based on the claims of extremist organizations or on science, information and logic. Those who support the end of the persecution of consumers must act with all their might to expose the lies and slogans emanating from the representatives of these organizations. They may believe with all their hearts that cannabis is as dangerous as heroin, but from here to policy based on these beliefs, the path is still far away.

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