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15 Good reasons to go to Sinai tomorrow

Sinai First: If you're tired of the beaches in Israel, if you do not have money for a family vacation abroad or if you just want to forget about everything for two weeks - here are great reasons to go to Sinai tomorrow.

Almost a year ago we published the The special article Prepared by a reporter for the Cannabis Magazine who went to visit Sinai and discovered the Garden of Eden. Following the publication, which received tens of thousands of views and alongside other publications that followed in the major news sitesCountry, May 2016 Walla, October 2016), began a wave of Israelis to wash the beaches that were abandoned for many years.

So for those of you who still do not enjoy what the Chinese coast has to offer, there are good reasons to take yourself out tomorrow and go on a dream vacation, cheap, tasty and stimulating. Just do not forget about passport!

1. Because Sinai is safe
Or at least not as dangerous as you might think. The Bedouin have zero interest in harming any of the tourists and Egyptians as well. Sinai is a huge tourist attraction and tourists from all over the world come to it all year round. Any disturbance to public order will paralyze the local tourism industry, and therefore both the Bedouin and the Egyptian army are doing everything necessary to prevent this happening. This is also why it does not happen. The last time there was an attack in southern Sinai was about 12 years ago, at a hotel on the border. If we compare this to the number of road fatalities or attacks within Israel, then this is paradise. It should also be remembered that the dangerous area in the Sinai is in the north, closer to Tel Aviv than the hitchhoes to which you go, and therefore remove any concern from your heart. It should be noted that in every foreign country it is recommended and important to behave respectfully and respectfully and not to provoke riots. If you come calm, you will be relaxed and fun.

Jerusalem facing Sinai
Where is more dangerous - in Jerusalem or Sinai?

2. Because it's close
We have already had the Kinneret, Eilat has been enough for us once, the Dead Sea has left almost nothing, and the beaches are full of people, hotels and military facilities. Of course, it is possible to fly to Cyprus, Greece or Turkey, and even closer to Aqaba, near Eilat, on the Jordanian side, which is not a bad option at all. But Sinai, with all its beaches and possibilities, has been popular for a very good reason: a very wide range of "types" of beaches, each with its own character, endless spaces, spectacular scenery and sunsets - all within touching distance. Sinai is so close that you can leave by bus tonight and tomorrow afternoon to find yourself facing the sea. A flight to Eilat will require even less effort. We go out in the morning and arrive before sunset.

3. Because you can get in with a car
In fact, Sinai is so close that you can go out to the parking lot, get in the car and come with it after the border crossing to the beach. Although it is better not to do so just spontaneously and there are some Things to consider, But there is no similar option on any other overseas vacation. It is important to note that although it is certainly possible, it is not certain that it is more convenient. The taxis from the border do their work faithfully and will take you back to any place and anywhere for small amounts, especially relative to the fuel and bureaucracy required for entry with a vehicle.

Sinai is safe and close
Sinai is safe and close

4. That do not need visa / vaccinations / equipment
Have you thought about going to India or Thailand after the army? Maybe for two months in the US? A comprehensive trip to Australia? Visit South America? All these and more are definitely excellent destinations, but they will require you to issue passport photos and possibly renew your passport, travel to the embassy or a tourist agency, pay hundreds and thousands of shekels on visas, permits or vaccinations. On the other hand, for a two week vacation in Sinai, to clean your head well, all you need is a passport, flip flops, underwear and shirt - up to 14 a day without any further problems. And this without mentioning the cheap flight ticket.

5. Because it's cheap
So here we will mention: More than anything else, this is one of the most economically paid vacations. Instead of spending two salaries on vacation in Greece or Cyprus, not to mention the expensive Eilat, and even if you take the entire family, including grandmothers and cousins, you can leave this story cheaper than any other holiday. And when you first feel a vacation without the worries of money and unnecessary bills - you will not understand what you have done in vacations to this day. Flights to Eilat cost less than $ 100 and a bus is much less. The border crossing and taxi to the beach is another few dozen shekels, so your vacation is at prices you did not know: cheap, healthy and tasty food, a pleasant and courteous service that will not prompt you to go anywhere, feel funny prices and other treats. Everything is cheap.

A woman holding flip flops at the beach
Sinai beaches - all you need is clogs

6. Because the food is good
Fresh fish or crabs, if you are in the seafood, rice and Israeli salad section. If you can not part with the house, cheeses, omelettes, meat and pittas on the taboon - all you want is along the coast of Sinai. In places that are more isolated, the selection will be a little smaller, but you will not stay hungry. Chocolate pancakes or hot orchids at the end of the meal and / or after the joint - that's mast.

7. Because it fits everyone
From huts to young people and young souls, through air-conditioned rooms for couples or families, to luxurious apartments and luxury hotels, everything is available and inviting along the shores of Sinai. Whether you are in front of an army, a young family or adults who have retired - everyone will find their place in Sinai, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In Dahab you can enjoy high-speed internet, pubs and restaurants that are open all along the beach and in Ras-Abu-Galum (the Blue Lagoon) you can forget everything you left behind. In between, whether it is Nuweiba, Ras-a-Satan or Bir-Sawir, each beach has its unique character.

Map of Sinai
Map of Sinai

8. Because there is no political baggage
Despite what you think about the Arab-Israeli conflict and its influence on the peoples of the region, the host Bedouins in Sinai do not really engage in Israeli politics and are not really interested in hearing or telling about their position on the matter. Especially in European countries, where it is sometimes frightening to speak Hebrew aloud, and even in the eastern countries about the millions of hostile (and sometimes drunken) Muslims in whom no one will attack you because you are Israelis. Exactly the opposite. The Bedouin hosts are very kind, smiling and respectful, many of them also speak fluent Hebrew, and all of them just want you to enjoy and come back next year.

9. Because the weather
With the exception of the peak summer season (July-August) and the winter peak (December-February), which are also worse than they seem to be, the weather in Sinai is perfect for most days of the year. The water is very pleasant to wash and can be easily cooled whenever the temperature rises. The shade will always be a pleasant breeze and if you really want to be safe, most of the beaches can be rented in an air-conditioned room.

The food in Sinai is excellent
The food in Sinai is excellent, healthy, tasty and cheap

10. Because there is something to be done
Although Sinai is perfect for those who do not want to do anything but lie down, sunbathe, swim and eat, but those who do want some activity, the beaches of Sinai can be found almost everything - from camel trips, motorcycles or jeeps to the mountains, through boating, diving and snorkeling on reefs Musical, Guided Tours, Swimming with Dolphins, Kate Surfing, Safari, Local Market, Museums, Parties, Pubs or Casino Gambling.

11. Because there is nothing to do
And if all you want is to lie back on the beach and forget about everything the modern world has to offer, then that's probably why they invented Sinai.

Ras Abu Gallum - Blue Lagoon
Ras Abu Gallum - Blue Lagoon: Forget about the modern world

12. That is perfect for children
If you are a young family with small children, you have probably already encountered a national headache called "family vacation." This is an event that requires the abilities of a combat unit commander in an operational battalion and / or an education system at the 1 training camp. But when it comes to vacationing in Sinai things look completely different. When you lie on the hammock or wait for the cold coffee you ordered, the children will play in the sand or sit down to see a movie in the living room. For sure, they'll remember this holiday for the better - and all it takes is a little sunscreen.

13. Because hemp and ganja
While Chinese may be suitable for everyone, cannabis lovers will enjoy it even more. In light of the distress in the field in Israel, a small jump to Sinai is all that is needed to aspire to some inspiration and positive thoughts. It is one of the most friendly places in the world for a plant and its produce, and there is not a Bedouin on the beach who could not organize anything for you to smoke. The green will not be "medical" nor "hydro" and will be full of seeds and branches, but it will do the job well (see: Sinai Cush). If you find a little pot, this too is not a problem. Those interested can also enjoy a relaxing opium tea for the evening, which will make your night's sleep more relaxed than ever. The price of the grain in Egypt stands at an average of $ 3 per gram and in Sinai it will rise slightly more, but in terms of prices there is nothing to worry about. It is certainly unnecessary to bring things with you from Israel - and it can even end with your return to Israel.

Chinese hash grass
Hashish and grass in Sinai - cheap and accessible

14. Because there is someone to help
Any question, question, problem or concern can easily be solved by those who have already been there and know. Answer: All you want to know about a trip to Sinai: Is it permissible to bring animals (yes, but requires veterinary authorization and such), where is it better to make a currency exchange (to withdraw by ATM on the Egyptian side after the border crossing or to bring dollars from Israel) Time) and more and more - all you can know after a brief visit to the excellent facebook group "Chinese lovers"- probably one of the most effective groups on the Web - where you can also get an impression of other people's experiences and even get drivers' phone numbers for pre-arranged transportation and concussion for recommended beach owners.

15. Because this video:

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