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Marijuana abroad - 10 Recommended destinations for visit (they are not Amsterdam ...)

Amsterdam has been recognized as the most famous marijuana city in the world by the authorities' forgiving attitude towards marijuana smokers.
However, an absolute majority of marijuana lovers have already visited Amsterdam and more than once as well as following plans of the Netherlands administration Ban the sale of hash to tourists We thought it was time to try and visit other places.

Toronto, Canada

Marijuana Celebration - Toronto Canada
Although marijuana is illegal in Canada, the authorities focus mainly on big traders and less on smokers. Friends in Toronto report that police in the streets will not harass those who smoke quietly and without arousing suspicious gatherings.
Young Street in Toronto is the famous street of marijuana lovers known as "Amsterdam Amsterdam".
There are a large number of "marijuana clubs" in Toronto but they are mostly intended for Canadian citizens who hold a permit for consumption Medical Cannabis.

Kensington Market, Queen Street West, the Scarborough Town Center, and the surrounding area of ​​the University of Toronto are areas where you get caught up in the familiar smell of the day.
In these areas there are shops selling marijuana accessories of all kinds, coffee shops open to smokers and marijuana seed shops.

Prague Czech republic

Marijuana Parade - Prague
Prague - beyond being a very beautiful and pleasant city to visit - is today one of the most liberal cities in Europe for marijuana consumption.
Czech law allows to grow up to 5 marijuana plants at home and carry up to 15 made outside the house which ensures you will not find it difficult to find something to smoke in the streets of the city.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle HempFest - The Seattle Festival
A recommended destination in the US is Seattle, Washington, which was one of the first countries to approve a change in drug laws and legalize medical marijuana. The new law annulled most penalties for cannabis consumption and possession, and the Seattle City Attorney also announced that all police files related to marijuana possession would be canceled and that the police would no longer handle such cases.

In addition, Seattle also hosts the annual Hempfest Festival - the world's largest cannabis association with more than 100,000 visitors for two days a year.

Christiania, Denmark

Streets of christiania
Denmark has not yet officially announced the legalization of Cannabis, although reports from November 2011 say that in Copenhagen We are working on such a plan.
The region of Christiania in Copenhagen did not wait for the administration and declared itself an autonomous territory and was often classified as a kind of collective commune. Locals in the area call it the "free city".
The approach in Christiania says "not to hard drugs" and allows the sale, consumption and possession of marijuana and cannabis mainly in the vicinity of Pusher Street.

Nimbin, Australia

The Mardi Gras Festival in Nimbin
Nimbin is home to the annual Mardi Gras festival And in principle it is considered a paradise for hippies.
Although marijuana is considered illegal in Australia, Nimbin is known for its tolerant approach to drug use and trafficking, and is considered a must-have target for plant enthusiasts.

Portland, Oregon

Coffee Shop in Portland
The city of Portland is the home of the first cannabis-like coffeehouse, and Oakland and Denver have a tolerant approach to self-consumption of marijuana and hashish.
The city has a style Bohemian With a highly structured marijuana community.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spannabis - Barcelona
Smoking marijuana in public is considered undesirable though A new law passed in January 2012 Officially permits the growth, production, sale and consumption of cannabis and its products - marijuana and hashish, Under the supervision of the state.

Each year, Barcelona hosts the highly recommended "Spannabis" festival and is an amazing city in itself known for the unique architecture of the streets and buildings and is particularly famous for the extraordinary works of architecture of the famous artist Gaudi.

Negril, Jamaica

Great hospitality in Negril
Although the use of marijuana is officially illegal in Jamaica, if done modestly is considered tolerable.
Negril is characterized by marijuana tourism, a pleasant sun, reggae music, beaches, sea and joints. Marijuana is available for most taxi drivers in the city streets.

Oakland, California

Oakland marijuana festival
The Auckland area called "Amsterdam" is full of coffee shops, marijuana-growing stores and even a cannabis academy called the University of Amsterdam.
This is one of the favorite destinations for marijuana enthusiasts around the world and it offers a wide range of activities such as massage, yoga, etc.

Vancouver, Canada

International Marijuana Day in Vancouver
During a visit to Amsterdam - the nickname of Hastings Street - you can see how rich the culture of cannabis in Canada is.
The police turn a blind eye almost completely and can find coffee shops and shops selling equipment and marijuana seeds.
The green parks in Vancouver are full of smokers and the smell of course is carried away.

International Marijuana Day - 20.4 - USA or Canada

The term "four-twenty" refers to both the twentieth of April and the hour 4: 20 on the same day and was perceived as a date representing the community of marijuana lovers.
The origin of the term "420" was created among a group of young people in the city of San Rafael in California in 1971 who called themselves The Waldos and used to meet at 4: 20 in the afternoon on graduation to smoke a joint or three near one of the sculptures in the public garden of the school.

Stephen Hager, editor of the famous magazine H, First managed to trace the roots of the term 4: 20 and even contacted the original three friends who invented the term, but they asked to remain anonymous (Cannabis after all is still considered illegal).

20 / 04 or "April 20" is now known as International Marijuana Day in most countries of the world, especially in the US and Canada, and attracts hundreds and thousands of marijuana lovers to public associations.

Recommended cities to visit on Marijuana Day: Central Park in New York, Golden Gate in San Francisco, Boulder in Colorado, Tallahassee in Florida and much more ...

Full details on how to obtain marijuana in the cities of the world, the various prices in different countries and the attitude of the government and the police on drug affairs can be found Here.

Have a good vocation!

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