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Just before extradition: Telegrass director fled from police in Ukraine

Just before he was due to board the plane on his way back to Israel, Telegrass director Amos Silver managed to escape. The Israeli police are trying to locate him in Ukraine. Post updated.

Update (17.8): Silver was caught in an artisan town, Details here.

The night the police received a report from the Ukrainian police that during their preparations for the extradition of the suspected Amos Silver escaped his Ukrainian escorts.

Attorney Uri Korb, Amos Silver's defense attorney, reports that he is aware of the case of his client's escape from the Ukrainian law authorities

Silver, director of Telegrass, Was supposed to To embark on a flight back to Israel tonight after the Supreme Court of Ukraine rejected his appeal.

He managed to evade the police only at Boryspil Airport in Kiev, in the duty-free department, after the first security inspection procedure, after the electronic handcuff was removed from it and just before boarding.

Various reports question the credibility of Ukrainian police statements and raise suspicions that local police officers assisted Silver in his escape. The Israeli police said that at this time it has no allegations to the Ukrainian authorities.

The Ukrainian police report has launched an investigation into the circumstances of the Israeli detainee's escape. According to one of the security guards who accompanied him at the airport, they were suspended until the inspection was completed.

The Kiev Prosecutor General's Office has announced that a criminal investigation has been opened following the escape of the Israeli detainee, for the purpose of an arrest warrant - an offense punishable by law in Ukraine lasting up to 5 years in prison.

It was also reported that the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), from which Silver had eluded, suspended their involvement in the extradition. At this time, Ukrainian authorities are continuing to try to locate and estimate that they will be able to do so soon.

A representative of the Israeli police is now making its way to Kiev, after officials at the national headquarters informed their counterparts in Ukraine that the police were ready to provide any assistance needed, especially if it was intelligence.

Police said that "during the night a report was received from the Ukrainian police by the Ukrainian police that during their preparations for his extradition under the law of Amos Dov Silver, who is suspected of establishing and managing the Telegrass crime organization, the suspect escaped from his Ukrainian escorts."

Police also said that "the suspect fled after last night's Ukrainian Supreme Court rejected his appeal for the decision to declare him a" extradition bar ". The Israel Police are in contact with its counterparts in Ukraine and are closely monitoring the searches for it. ”

After landing in Israel, Silver was expected to be immediately investigated and then face a judge for a series of money laundering offenses, managing a criminal organization, dealing in drugs and more.

As first published in Cannabis Silver magazine, he had already tried to escape the city hospital about two weeks ago without success.

According to new details, he then pulled out a package and claimed: "This is marijuana and I am offering it for sale," because according to state criminal law, if a drug-possession person has to be prosecuted and only then can he be extradited.

Silver hoped he would be able to delay the extradition proceedings, but local police in Ukraine announced that he had not found any drugs. "Obviously, the Ukrainian police cooperated with the Israeli police and turned a blind eye to his drugs," his lawyer claimed.

Remember Silver Arrested in Ukraine About five months ago, after a lure police called him. As first revealed in Cannabis Magazine, an undercover police officer who managed to infiltrate the organization's ranks Invited him For his wedding when the police were waiting for him at the hotel.

After his arrest, he was initially placed in a detention facility, and in recent weeks Released for house arrest. Last month Already supposed Silver being extradited to Israel though The hearing was adjourned Due to appeal.

Yesterday, as stated, Supreme Court judges in Ukraine rejected the appeal and ordered him to extradite Israel immediately, but he managed to flee a moment before boarding.

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