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Appeal dismissed: Telegrass Director will return to Israel

The Supreme Court of Ukraine rejected the appeal filed by the lawyers of the Telegrass Director and ordered him to extradite him immediately to Israel. He is expected to board tonight or tomorrow on a flight after which he will be taken for questioning and will face a judge. Update: Silver escaped from police.

Amos Silver will probably be closed back to Israel tonight or tomorrow after spending the last months in Ukraine.

16.8 update: During the night Silver managed to escape the police before boarding - Details here.

Update (17.8): Silver was caught in an artisan town, Details here.

After landing, anyone who heads the Telegrass organization is expected to be taken immediately for questioning and then to stand before a judge.

After that, Silver may be remanded in custody, pending his indictment for a series of money laundering offenses, criminal crime management, drug trafficking and more.

Remember Silver Arrested in Ukraine About five months ago, after a lure police called him.

As first revealed in Cannabis Magazine, an undercover police officer who managed to infiltrate the organization's ranks Invited him For his wedding when the police were waiting for him at the hotel.

After his arrest, he was initially placed in a detention facility, and in recent weeks Released for house arrest.

Last month Already supposed Silver being extradited to Israel though The hearing was adjourned Due to appeal.

This morning, the Ukrainian judge decided to dismiss the appeal and ordered him to extradite him immediately.

About two weeks ago, Silver reported that he was not feeling well and wanted to go to a hospital, some said he hoped to succeed.

However, the cops refused to leave him in hospital overnight and took him from the hospital by force back to the apartment where he was under house arrest.

Silver has not been in Israel for over two years, since he moved his residence to the United States with the help of American citizenship he holds.

He preferred to be extradited to the US where he hoped for charges and a lighter sentence than he is expected to face in Israel.

Apart from Silver, proceedings against 22 are still being conducted by the organization's managers Were submitted Indictments, according to the organization, were earned Tens of millions of shekels.

Despite the closure of Telegrass activity in the Telegram app, dozens of groups continue to offer cannabis for sale fairly freely.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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