Looking for direction: Is it worth being sick?

A guest column in Cannabis Magazine: Hely Billy Beth Hole in Bregb writes about green dreams during the dry season and wonders why she is not allowed to smoke quietly to overcome the pain. "It just makes me better, more relaxed, more smiling, more pleasant, more loving, more accepting".

By: Hely Billy Daughter Hole In Sock

It was such a long day. In the last hours of work, I remembered that the new crops had not yet fully blossomed and the last stock was liquidated at the end of the week when we sat with friends for a herbal tea and card session. So when I finished working, I jumped into the neighborhood coffee shop, asked the salesman for a bit of sativa to calm the soul, and he said that I'm a little bent today. He's right, the neck is tight, I put a little peppermint oil on my neck yesterday, and it reassured me temporarily. He said he had a good blend of 64% Sativa and the rest of the indica to release the muscles. He suggested that I buy a Cannabis case, said it was good to store in a closed place, and "Look, there's also a special paper and clipper compartment." I gave up the pleasure so he packed my order in a brown paper bag and added a purple clipper. I paid him, wished each other a good night, and went home.

As you understand, it did not really happen, all written above is an absolute fantasy, even almost perfect. The only thing that remains true and stable is the fact that it was a long day, a long hard day and tomorrow, tomorrow will probably be like him. Instead, I try to scan stereotypically who seems to me to be smiling and sociable enough for him to have some direction.

Pineapple Express
"Instead, I try to scan stereotypically who seems to me to be smiling and sociable enough for him to have some direction ..."

There are a few more things hanging out of the green closet, I'm almost out, but I have to keep this job right now. I'm not mistaken in my requests, I recognize the right people, but the familiar answers, especially in the areas, are accompanied by lip twisting and even "I wish" and "some dryness." We talk about the existing regime and the eternal war and about how they want to leave us like that, head on the wall. We know that there is something amazing about the plant of wonders that keeps our eyes open until we can not close them. And maybe it can only be that they do not want us to know how good it is for us, how powerful and united we can be and neutralize them from the false power they have taken for themselves. After all, how will we divide and rule if we let our plant grow and grow? How will there be anger and hatred that can be channeled in favor of political and economic interests? How will there be war if we are calm and loving, with an open heart between man and his neighbor? How will the weapons industry continue to reign over us if there is nothing to blame the enemy? If God forbid, heaven forbid, there will be no enemy?

But you tell it to the brainwheels who still think that if you do a shuffle here and there then you're a lazy bum. Then, three and a half decades ago, the struggle for medical cannabis, which is an important battle, started, and lovers of the Wonder Plant passed on a host of evidence and proofs, heartbreaking pictures and stories ending in great miracles or small consolations. But why should we have gotten to that? You explain to them that everything they have created around us in the past decades has developed into sickness and death. You will explain the difficulty of breathing, the difficulty of feeling, the difficulty of living and, in general, Go explain to them that so many people smoke / Mars / drip and snort, and do not consider anything wrong. That any argument brought against would be dismissed as nothing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is smoking
"Go explain to them that so many people smoke / mars / drip and sneeze, and do not consider anything wrong ..."

The problematic situation is created when I "do not have to" Cannabis, when I have no grounds, legally, to ask for permits. I just like many others, before me and me, just want it to make me better, more relaxed, more smiling, more pleasant, more loving, more accepting. I'm more focused, I'm sharper, I write better, and learn better, cook better, I'm a better friend and a better girl. Also, on the way, the facial skin looks better and in all the clouds of air pollution around me, the asthma disappears completely and I breathe better.

But there is nothing at the moment, except perhaps a quarter of a "homeopathic" yacht. And as the stock dwindles, I find myself stealing cigarettes here and there. And that's frustrating, because when there's cannabis, I have no desire for a cigarette, not even for alcohol, the need just disappears and the withdrawal is the simplest. I have smoked for years and many times have quit smoking and there is no doubt that quitting smoking with cannabis is the easiest detox I've ever had. But today, after many months, I smoked a cigarette again, when I asked the taxi driver who stood at the station to light the rolled cigarette he asked, "What is it? Joint, "I replied, with a crooked lips (and even):" I wish. "

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