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Barcelona's cannabis clubs: That's how it works

What are the Cannabis clubs in Barcelona and how are they different from the Kopishops in Amsterdam? How can I get a membership as a club member and how the hell do you get something to smoke here? The cannabis club industry in Barcelona is expanding. Soon reform.

While Amsterdam, on the booty Her coffee shops, Continues to be the number one destination for cannabis consumers in the world, in Barcelona and in Catalonia, Spain is thriving in the cannabis industry, which may signal what the future of cannabis will look like in many countries around the world.

Although cannabis trade is illegal in Spain and if you catch smokers in public you are liable to receive an unpleasant fine. Under Catalan law, everyone is allowed to grow cannabis and use marijuana and hashish in private property. With the help of another law that allows the association of different people and the opening of a non-profit organization in a private area, the Spanish cannabis clubs found the gap required to thrive and spread and make Barcelona To the new Amsterdam of cannabis consumers.

Theory vs. Reality

In theoryBarcelona's cannabis clubs function as private cooperatives, in order to take part in them, they must receive an invitation from an existing member (a friend brings a friend), and pay a registration fee for a regular subscriber, usually between 5 (three months) and Euro 20 Per year) - money that goes in favor of growing co-cannabis for members of the club only. The law further stipulates that each club must raise its own cannabis and it is strictly forbidden to buy or sell marijuana outside the cooperative. In addition, advertising of the clubs is strictly forbidden.

in practice, New Cannabis clubs are opening up like mushrooms after rain and today there are already over 400 clubs across the country (compared to 40 only in 2011), to which more than 170,000 customers are listed. Of the 170 thousand customers, at least 60,000 is estimated to be regular customers who spend between 50 and 100 per month on the purchase of cannabis and its products. The phenomenon has spread so much that many clubs are up for sale, like Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, and to supply cannabis to tourists, they buy marijuana from illegal growers - illegally.

From membership clubs to dubious industry

But how do you get a club card if we do not have a friend to invite us? do not worry. Those who travel to Barcelona and turn around in the city center will receive dozens of requests from young people who offer their "services" in getting a membership card to the club where they work. Many clubs have been established solely for tourists like you and bypassing the law, they send employees to recruit more members to the club. All you have to do is go with your friend to the club, pay the registration fee, enter and choose from a range of high quality marijuana and hashish products.

Recently, the phenomenon has grown even more so that a short search on the Internet can now find cannabis clubs that offer registration and sales services to anyone who wants it. Usually all you have to do is simply write a message to the club's website or Facebook page, let them know that you are going to come and ask for help with the registration. However, to the truly equal clubs you probably will not be able to enter, since they maintain the principle of "friend brings friend" out of the idea of ​​maintaining the character of the club and not necessarily economic motives.

Club Cannabis Barcelona
One of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona

"There are clubs that operate according to clear guidelines and there are fewer," he explains Zuma Zus, A spokesman for the Cannabis Clubs Association representing 40 clubs throughout Catalonia. "In some cases people open large clubs for purely economic reasons and then buy the marijuana from the black market. We're supposed to grow the marijuana ourselves and as soon as people start buying from outside parties to provide their customers, what they get is criminals' entry into the game. "

This week (10.6) reported that for the first time since the establishment of cannabis clubs in Barcelona, ​​one of the clubs was closed and its operators were arrested after the police discovered that the club owner purchased the marijuana from external sources and did not grow it himself.

The Israeli side

Of course, as in any successful business around the world, in this case too there is the Israeli side. One of the clubs in Barcelona works in cooperation with Israeli medical cannabis Tikun Olam and allows Israeli patients to enjoy the club's products during their stay in Barcelona. In addition, we learned that other Israeli companies are planning to enter the matter very soon and establish new clubs of their own in the city.

The Tikun Olam Club is divided into two separate sections with two separate entrances: one for leisure use, where you will find comfortable sofas, videos and music projected on the walls, a rich basement with toys, table games, billiards, seating areas, musical corners and more. With treatment rooms separated from each other and each with a table and two chairs for the instructor and the patient.

Tikun Olam Club in Barcelona
Club in Barcelona

However, you will not find reading material in the club in Hebrew or even in English. In general, Barcelona and Spain in general do not like the English language and therefore there is no sign in English on the streets or even on menus in restaurants. And this is perhaps the obvious disadvantage that prevents Barcelona from becoming the number one destination for tourists, and perhaps a certain advantage for the locals who do not want to flock red-eyed stalactites to the streets of the city.

it's important to remember

The cannabis clubs in Barcelona are not public, but private: Unlike Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, where you will feel like a shop or a pub, cannabis clubs feel more like a living room or a close friends' club. Therefore it is also not acceptable to photograph the place and / or its members and of course to keep the information and the content of the club as privileged as possible.

Barcelona's cannabis clubs do not "buy" marijuana: When you register as a member of the club you do not "buy" the marijuana and hashish, but participates in the cost of producing them. Using the word "buy" is considered impudent and very likely to correct you.

Cannabis marijuana club Canais Spain
Hashish or marijuana - a variety of cannabis products to choose from in Barcelona

Many clubs require identification documents: Entry to the clubs is from 18 or 21, and most of them require identification documents such as local address, car license, and even an ID photo to be accepted into membership. As you can see, since there are clubs that have been established purely for the business, you can definitely find those who do not ask too many questions.

You may still get involved because of marijuana: Although it is permissible to smoke marijuana in private territory, the law prohibits smoking in public areas. Although the Spanish law forbids police to search clothes, if caught with marijuana it is likely that you will have to pay a fine. However, there is no fear of a criminal record of possession or use of marijuana.

The clubs are very different from each otherBarcelona clubs are completely different from one another. By virtue of their membership clubs, the club leaders design the place at their own discretion and provide an atmosphere of various kinds. If one club seems dull and neglected, another can be grand and magnificent.

Club Cannavis Barcelona Alhambra
Club Alhambra, Barcelona


Total average cost of registration to the club and the price of the products is dependent on the owners. However, the averages stand more or less on these data:

Club registration fee: 5-20 EUR
Cannabis flowers: 5-8 Euro per gram
hashish: 5-12 Euro per gram
BHO - Hash oil: 23-50 Euro per gram
Cannabis dishes: 3.5-5 EUR

Of course, apart from the clubs,La RamblaThere are also small merchants selling cannabis or marijuana at street prices.


These days, and following the growing phenomenon of cannabis clubs in Barcelona, ​​the authorities are working on developing a reform program that will make order once and for all. It is not yet known exactly what will happen, but the government does not seem to be able to stop the clubs that already exist.

Due to the new phenomenon of inviting tourists to clubs, many of the legalization organizations in Spain support the government regulation program because they say the clubs have "forgotten" their original goal of providing small, non-profit clubs for local cannabis consumers.


The meteoric growth of cannabis clubs Crowned the Spanish city As one of the most favorite cities for plant enthusiasts, even before Amsterdam. Not only is the weather in Barcelona much more pleasant than in Amsterdam, it turns out marijuana Worth more and cheaper.

Will this be the first stage in the legalization revolution in other European countries as well? On the face of it, this is a very effective solution, as those who oppose the use of the plant will not see it as open to them as it is in Amsterdam, and those who are interested can sit comfortably in pampering clubs that match the atmosphere they are interested in. Meanwhile in Milan, Italy, has already opened last month The first cannabis club in the country.

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Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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