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What does marijuana want to eat? Black Berry Bluntman

Bree Blantman presents us with a brief article summarizing the subject of marijuana nutrition at the various stages of the growth cycle.

Fertilizers and nutrients are actually the bricks that slowly build the plant, give it a strong structure and also contribute to the acceleration of its growth rate. While cannabis is in the growth stage, its most important element is Nitrogen marked "N". This amazing macro element may determine how strong and strong your plant will be and ensure that the leaves and branches are durable enough to support the large, fat flowers that will come in the near future.

In the fertilizer bottles of the quality companies, nitrogen should be sufficient for the entire growth stage, but nitrogen is an element that does not hold much time in the plant. Therefore, the dosage instructions on the fertilizer packages must be taken in a non-binding manner.

Nitrogen - most important in the growth phase
Nitrogen - most important in the growth phase

At the flowering stage, the plant changes its "consumption habits" from a large amount of nitrogen to other elements such as phosphorus and potassium. He still needs nitrogen, but not in quantities approaching what he needed in the growth stage. Now that we have switched the daylight hours to fit the flowering phase (12) and the hours of darkness, you must also change the type of fertilizer to suit the flowering stage of the plant.

Now it's a good time to give cannabis all kinds of fertilizer supplements you may have to increase productivity, improve and enhance the aroma, and build a strong immunity system that can deal with pests and diseases.

A marijuana plant grew outside
A marijuana plant grew outside

If you are raising a home grown by a hydroponic method, there are several things you should know to harvest tasty and fragrant flowers. Between 4 and 7 days before harvest it is important to "wash" the plants from all the fertilizers we fed the plant during the growth. It is recommended to do this with clean water that has been tested in terms of acidity to a balanced PH level (around the 6.0 it's okay - usually the tap water in Israel does not have a serious acidity problem, depending on where you are located, of course). This stage is very critical but commercial breeders tend to give it up because they just want to hurry up and get their product out. Any matter of taste and how the flower will pass in the throat is less interesting to them.

Although it is always necessary to plant fertilizer in both the growth and flower stages, If we do not rinse before harvest, the final product may be damaged A little when it comes to the stage of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the taste of our hard work.

In the last two days of the tumor, it is customary to completely stop the water supply to plants in order to improve the density of the flowers. By following these steps, we increase the effect of cannabis, the taste and density of our thirsty daughters and our hormones, thus increasing the sugar level in the plant and the sticky resin that surrounds it.

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