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Guide to making bubble hash - the method of bags

How to produce "gourmet hashish" from plant residues left after growing - using water, ice and special bags for extraction

So the harvest is already behind you, there are jars full of sticky and fragrant flowers, all very well. Just what, you still have leaves, lots of leaves. What do you do with them?

There is no chance that they will be manipulated, but on the other hand it is a shame to throw them into garbage ...

Therefore in this tutorial we will learn How to turn green leaves into pure gold! (Well, maybe not pure gold but sure something brown / gray that will do you good on the soul ...).

There are several different types of hashish, all of course are the product of cannabis plant, but they differ in their production. What we learn today is called "Bubble Hash", which is considered to be the best quality hashish. Really, from experience - it's great material!

What's the idea?

At a cold temperature, all the resin - the trichomes in English - on the plant, disengages from it and plummets down. This "sugar" actually contains all the cannabinoids that are responsible for our sense of stoning. In the tutorial below, we will learn how to separate these trichomes and create a pure hemp block made entirely of cannabis resin.

We do the separation with "sieve bags" (which we will explain below). These bags are the main tool in making hashish. They are actually quite simple bags, but at the bottom of each of them there is a sieve network with a different filter level - which will help us separate the leaves from the resin and also help us create different levels of hashish ...


  • Ali Cannabis (as much as possible - better)
  • Filter bags (Which can be obtained here)
  • water
  • ice
  • mixer (Optional - highly recommended)
  • Two buckets


At first we will use only one 220 micron filter bag. This is the bag with the most open sieve to simply grab the leaves and the cuttings. Some call it a "work bag" because with it we do most of the process.

We will put the bag in a empty bucket that we prepared beforehand, and into it we will pour large amounts of ice and then water. Now we have a bucket with very cold water.

Filter bags
Filter bags

Take all the leaves and chaff, pour them in and make sure everything is wet (if your hand is clean, feel free to push your hand in front and mix a little).

Now with the mixer we will mix everything for at least ten minutes. What happens at this stage is that we cause the whole resin to separate from the leaves and sink into the bottom of the bucket.

Mix the leaves with water and ice
Mix the leaves with water and ice

After everything is well mixed, you can move aside the bag and the leaves - we will not need them anymore. We have a bucket full of green water and full of good.

Now we take the second bucket we prepared beforehand - we will put the remaining bags in perfect order - first the 25 micron bag, then the 73 micron bag and so on.

When the bags are ready in the empty bucket, we return to the full bucket and carefully pour the contents into the bucket with the bags.

Now what will happen is that the water will pass slowly between all the filters and each sieve will "catch" the cannabis resin according to its filtration level.

In the top sieve the water will move as expected as fast as possible and as we go down it will take more time for the water to pass (the micron 25 bag will take more than an hour until all the water passes through).

After we poured out the water we would lift the top bag - if we did everything right we should see at the bottom of the bag what she had managed to catch: a fine hand-made hash!

The hashish that accumulated at the bottom of the bag
The hashish that accumulated at the bottom of the bag

Scrape the pot and put it aside to dry - at least 12 hours. That's how we'll continue with the rest of the bags. The hashish accumulated at the bottom of the 25 micron bag is considered to be of the highest quality (because of the high level of filtration it has undergone), and so on.

Dehydrate the hashish for at least 12 hours
Dehydrate the hashish for at least 12 hours

Some important points:

  • If we have a small amount of leaves there is no point in putting a lot of bags. 3-4 bags will do the trick because there will not be a lot of hashish.
  • It is recommended to get rid of particularly thick branches before starting the process because they may damage the filter network.
  • If using a mixer, note that this is not a "cutter mixer" with sharp blades - these blades may damage the resin.

Filter bags

The method of preparing the hashish described here has become very popular over the past few years, and over time, more and more companies have been producing and marketing the bags.

One of the oldest companies in the field is the Dutch company Pollinator Which manufactures theIce-O-Lator .

To purchase the bags At the cheapest price in Israel click here.

Watch a training video of Cannabis Magazine - preparing the hash in the bag method:

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