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Guide: How to make a portable portable home air conditioner in 10 minutes

Even in the tough Israeli summer, it is possible to continue growing Cannabis: This will effectively radiate the growth space with minimal financial investment, using an improvised air-conditioner from simple, available home equipment..

Like every year, this summer too the local cannabis growers are at a loss for the hot Middle Eastern heat: on time That in foreign crops There is plenty of air and fresh breeze to balance the beatings of the sun's rays a bit In the internal growth The situation is even more problematic with a closed space and electrical appliances that sometimes emit a lot of heat.

Although cannabis is a relatively durable and adaptable plant, too high temperatures can damage its metabolism and growth rate, invite certain pests, cause dehydration, and other ill-health problems. Many Israeli growers do not have a professional domestic air conditioner to help them Deal with the heat Often prefer to give up the "summer cycle" because they claim the crop is too small and not high quality.

Today we will see how an improvised home air conditioner can be assembled using a limited number of cheap and accessible objects.

Watch the tutorial video:

(Original video: channel Household Hacker )

Equipment required:

  • knife
  • Styrofoam cooler (given Purchase here A few dollars)
  • PVC pipe or Lavante "elbow" pipe (obtain at any shop / hydroponics shop)
  • small fan
  • Ice bottles


  1. Place the fan and tubes on the lid of the cooler in the designated location and mark them around using a pen / pencil / marker (try to hold the mark as closely as possible)
    That you want the tubes to sit tight and secure).
  2. Take the knife and carefully cut it according to marking (it is recommended to cut into the inside of the frame to ensure that the accessories sit tight).
  3. Clean the cooler and its surroundings thoroughly from all the small pieces of Styrofoam that have fallen during the cut.
  4. Connect the pipe (s) and fan into the appropriate holes.
  5. Place frozen ice bottles in the cooler.
  6. Turn on the fan and enjoy a cool breeze

pay attention: This improvised home air conditioner will find it difficult to effectively cool a large room, but if directed to operate on a small growth space such as a wardrobe, As did "Dolev" in the corner of the "neighborhood flower" Last June), you can get surprising results - good luck!

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