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Guide: How to make cannabis oil from plant residues using gas lighters

One of the simplest and quickest ways to prepare a special Honey Oil Butane Hash from what is left of our marijuana plant ...

Preparation of cannabis oil with gas lighters

Making hash with gas Lighters may sound unhealthy and a bit cheap, but the final product is free of toxins and quality above expectations! In addition, the gas of the spark plugs, because of its chemical properties, utilizes the active ingredient in cannabis more efficiently than alcohol and because of its low boiling temperature it is easier to get rid of it at the end of the process.


1. Gas tank for filling lighters
2. Mixer / Food processor
3. Glass bowl "Pyrex"
4. Paper sublimation / filter network for coffee
5. Small bottle of nasti
6. At least 25 made of leaves and cuttings


There are several steps to the process but it is very simple:

1. Take a hollow container (sample bottle). At the bottom of the bottle becomes a hole that fits exactly the size of the mouth of a gas container for plugs, the hole should be the size at which the fairy enters and presses so that the gas flows into the bottle.

Gas plugs are inserted into the bottle / container
Gas plugs are inserted into the bottle / container

After we have made the hole in the bottom of the bottle and checked that the gas is flowing when you put the gas burner mouth in, you can proceed to the next stage.

2. The next step is to fill the bottle with the remains of the leaves and cuttings remaining from our pot. You can add a few flowers, but the leaves will do the trick.

pay attention: All cuttings should enter the state bone dry And after good grinding in a food processor. The grinding is essential for extracting all active ingredients.

3. Now all you have to do is wrap the bottle cap in any filter - the more the filter has smaller holes the better (even a piece of cloth can do the job). The recommendation is a paper filter for coffee, or a sieve that can be obtained at any home appliance store. The bottle cap should be wrapped on a filter sheet or two and sealed with a rubber or two rubber bands.

Some highlights before continuing the process:

* It is recommended to work with a glove to prevent frostbite
* It is recommended to open a window and operate a fan in the room (not directly on the work surface)
* It is absolutely forbidden to light a fire! The smallest spark can lead to an explosion!

4. At this point the magic happens, take the Pyrex tool and put it on our work surface. Now take the bottle we made with the cannabis pruning in it, turn it upside down so that the mouth of the bottle is down and over the vessel. Now we'll grab the bottle in one hand with a heat-resistant glove (such as an oven)

With the other hand we hold the gas canister to the plugs. Push the gas canister into the hole we made in the bottle in the first step. The bottle is supposed to be filled with spark gas and after a few seconds of gas flowing into the gas bottle it will drizzle like a liquid from the mouth of the bottle wrapped in filters. The fluid that will drip will appear yellow or yellow. When the liquid becomes transparent, remove the gas tank from the hole at the bottom of the bottle and shake the bottle thoroughly to take advantage of each drop. Note that the liquid drips into the metal tool and does not disperse anywhere.

Vaporizers and peel - hash produced from gas lighters
Vaporizers and peel - hash produced from gas lighters

5. After the bottle has stopped dripping completely, put it in a safe place protected from heat and fire, put the Pyrex dish in a bowl or sink with a few inches of hot water - note that the water is not too high - do not pour it in our hashish). The gas will evaporate slowly, and during the warm-up process it is possible to move with an office pin on the product with a scratching motion to blow up bubbles that will be produced. We can know that the evaporation process ended when it was left with a thick, yellow liquid that melted like a toffee.

Keep the final product in a small, convenient tool.

This hash can be consumed in any acceptable way. If smoking recommendation is to push a wide pin into the tool with the product and spread it with the pin and gently on the rolling paper. Notice that the product is especially strong!

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