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Scientists in the United States: Cannabis is bad for the quality of research

Researchers in the United States have only one source to obtain cannabis for research purposes, and its extremely poor quality severely harms research results. Now, after multiple lawsuits have been filed, the DEA has first announced that it will approve licenses for additional growers.

For over 50 years, if an American scientist wanted to obtain cannabis for research, he had only one source to 'get organized' from it - the University of Mississippi.

Since 1968, the university has consistently won the US government tenders, and is the only cannabis provider in the country.

But this University of Mississippi monopoly has suffered a lot of fire in recent years, because the cannabis supplied by it is considered, as one lawsuit put it, "sub-level."

Cannabis provided by the University of Mississippi to a researcher from the MAPS research organization at 2017

Government cannabis comes in several strengths, with the strongest level supposed to reach 13% THC At best, however, tests have found that it does not actually pass the 8% THC.

Research Genetically released in March of this year (2019) found that genetically, cannabis grown at the University of Mississippi is actually more similar to Hemp (hemp Industrial) than for marijuana (psychoactive cannabis).

"The government cannabis crop does not look like marijuana and does not smell like marijuana," states Anna Schwab, a plant geneticist at the University of Northern Colorado who conducted the study.

Last week (26.8), the University of Mississippi's sole governing research on cannabis was nearing an end, with the announcement of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) declaring licenses for additional growers.

The decision to issue additional licenses to grow cannabis for research was further made on 2016 under the Obama administration, but on 2017 Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions He decided Pause its application. Now, after Sessions's departure and in response to several lawsuits filed, the long-awaited announcement came from the DEA.

The latest lawsuit was filed by the Scottsdale Research Institute earlier this year, alleging that the bad government cannabis provided by the University of Mississippi significantly damaged her post-trauma research in US military.

Comparison of US Government Research Cannabis with Medical Cannabis Purchased in Washington (Credit: Washington Post)

The judge ordered the DEA to answer by Wednesday last week (28.8), and the announcement came two days before that deadline. "We are optimistic but cautious," said attorney Matt Zorn, who represents Scottsdale Research and its lead researcher Dr. Sue Sisley.

"It's a first step in the right direction, but Dr. Sisley took 3 years and a lawsuit just to get to that point, so I wouldn't say the fight is over," Zorn added. The Scottsdale Research Institute is one of 33 universities and research institutions that have already applied to DEA for their own growing license.

“The DEA continues to move forward with the program for additional marijuana growers for studies that have received federal approval. We will continue to work with the relevant federal authorities to expedite the implementation of the necessary steps, ”said DEA chief Uttam Dhillon. "We support further research on cannabis and its components, and believe that more growers will allow a wider selection for research."

There is currently no expected deadline for implementation of the plan, and the agency has made it clear that it is necessary to first draft new laws and regulations for growing cannabis for research purposes before new growers are approved, without providing a timetable for doing so.

In addition, the DEA's announcement makes it clear, in light of the confusion over the matter, that an increase Maple (Industrial hemp) for research purposes no longer requires government approval, in accordance withEconomic Law.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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