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"Litzman resigns": Network protest against deputy health minister

Pictures of hands with the words "Litzman will resign" have been published in recent days on social networks in protest of the medical cannabis reform.

The cannabis patients were not persuaded by the promise of Yaakov Litzman of the weekend for further easing of the medical cannabis reform, and they launched an original network protest.

Dozens of pictures of hands with the words "Litzman will resign" have surfaced in recent days in protest against the medical cannabis reform.

Among the complaints against the reform are the claims of a sharp increase in the cost of treatment, especially for severe patients, poor quality of the cannabis provided to them, and the elimination of cannabis distribution by species And beyond BY DISTRIBUTION THC And other non-scientific parameters.

The network's protest began after a member of the Cannabis Forum, Rafael Zorayev, presented a picture of his hand and the words "Litzman will resign" for the first time Here.

This protest coincides with the establishment of a physical protest tent on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv for the weekend. The tents were dismantled By the police but activists are still in place even now.

towards the weekend Published The Ministry of Health Thursday evening announced the expected relief on the procedure for obtaining medical cannabis, for patients with a limited number of serious diseases that could be prescribed by a specialist without conditions.

This announcement came unexpectedly without any advance preparation, along with an investigative program about the assistance Weizman regularly provides to sexual harassment. In the network there were complaints that this was an attempt to obtain a positive headline that would dull the findings of the investigation.

But it seems that Litzman's special announcement, Which is theoretically possible To allow cannabis to supply about half a million Israelis, compared with only a thousand today, has not calmed the medical cannabis patients who continue to protest against the reform.

At the same time treated Filed In recent weeks dozens of hundreds of small claims have been filed against the Ministry of Health.

According to the first hint Which she gave Judge for one of the cases It seems that the Ministry of Health is expected to pay dozens and perhaps even hundreds of thousands of shekels compensation to those patients.

The Health Ministry is supposed to give a response to the petition to the High Court Approach The Cannabis Medical Association recently demanded that the reform be halted, with the first hearing on the petition scheduled for two weeks, the beginning of June.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health announced the cancellation of the reform Designed Start at the end of last month, And updated That it is expected to come into effect at the end of August, when all the medical cannabis licenses will automatically be extended to 31.8.2019 by then.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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