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Not for the faint of heart: The LSD - the Grass that will take you for a long walk ...

It is very easy to grow, yielding many grams of fine green. And the sling? Let's just say we do not call him LSD ...

After two years in which I took a break from the living room, I felt that the longing was stronger than I was and I decided to return to my favorite hobby - Grow a marijuana house Clean, tasty and quality!

I glanced at what I had to start the project, and what I had to organize:

a place - There is: an old but stable cabinet.
lamp - Has: 250w HPS.
Fan - There is: a simple home fan three speeds.
Fertilizers - There are: Bio-Bizz fertilizer series.
land - There is: normal soil of Toph Merom Golan.
Plantation / bucket for growing - There are: a selection of buckets between 5 and 50 L.

Okay, I have all the basic ingredients to start an increase cycle, all the basic commodities except one of the most important - Seeds!

I need Get seeds, And they should be high quality seeds of fine genetics. I went online to do a little research and decide which guest I was going to put in the closet.

There is no doubt that over the past forty years the cannabis breeding industry has developed immeasurably - today there are hundreds of different species on the web, each with its unique characteristics - Pure Sativa, pure Indica, Hybrids, automatic varieties - Japanese It, has everything and abundance.

I decided to go for one of the varieties of one of the most prestigious seed companies in the Netherlands - "Barney's Farm".

Members of Barney's Farm were engaged in growing and hybridizing Cannabis species from around the world back in the 1980s. Since then, they have been able to lay their hands on some rare species originating in all kinds of remote lands.

Over the years, they have gained a reputation and world-wide reputation in the industry, with a selection of quality varieties such as Vanilla Kush, Sweet Tooth, Tangerin Dream and many more. Some of these varieties have earned the team a significant number of prizes and prizes in the international Cannabis competitions.

At the end of a cursory reading of the impressive collection, I decided to go for one species that winked at me especially - they called it "LSD"...

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Some advantages in one variety ...

Always keep in mind that the information we present on seed sites is ultimately just marketing information. But with enough experience and patience, we can find the information we need.

The reason I chose LSD came from a number of parameters that were critical to me at the time:

Endurance - The LSD is considered to be the most "forgiving" breed, and it can grow even under abnormal growth conditions. After a two-year break, I was afraid that maybe I had lost my magic and that I had forgotten some things, so to stay on the safe side, I should take a variety that is not too "spoiled".

Short flowering time - My contract in the apartment was coming to an end, and I wanted a breed with a relatively short flowering period that I could harvest without ever getting into the stress of times. The LSD inflows into an 60-65 day, an excellent time.

A fruitful crop - Although the data we get from growers and developers about Zen flower production refer to ideal conditions, and reports from growers with years of experience in the field - but still, even if I do not produce 600 grams per square meter as promised (and I will not ...), you will still be I have a very fine amount of good ganja (and this I certainly got in the end ...).

My beautiful coffin
My beautiful coffin

A dumb stunt - with no less than THC 24%, and a relatively nice amount of CBD - 1.4%, you can not be wrong. I have read a number of reports about people who have tried it - all have left a positive impression. A good part of the reports included warnings for beginners, with recommendations for more "relaxed" species, which would not fly them to the sky. But I love flying, and loving heaven ...

Great genetics - The varieties that were synthesized to get the LSD are two strong and stable strains:

Skunk #1 - one of the oldest varieties of cannabis in the New Industry, with a history that goes back to the late 1960s - and genetics collected from South and Central America (Mexico, Colombia) and Afghanistan.

The other side of the equation is a species called - Mazar, The Mazar is named after a district in northern Afghanistan called "Mazar-I-Sharif" (named after one of the oldest mosques in the city center). Zen is known for its stability, and its fertile yield.

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The course of growth

Throughout the entire LSD growth phase, I was surprised to find out how true the reports I read about him were. The seeds sprouted quickly without any problems, and grew at an impressive pace from the start.

Large and beautiful flowers ...
Large and beautiful flowers ...

Although not raised with a strong bulb that market (250w), and although I had personal reasons to neglect the increase in the number of times (that is, not to always be close to him daily supervision) - Still I was happy to roof.

I grew two plants, one I did Ties, To the other Pinches, Both reacted very well and formed a beautiful layer of uniform tops before entering the 12 / 12 stage.

During the flowering phase, the LSD did not disappoint and continued at its rapid pace, but now most of its efforts have been directed to loading beautiful flowers on the strong branches.

The smell that the plant had produced in recent weeks was hard to hide, a strong sweet / spicy aroma filled my room, and it was already difficult to get guests there.

After nine weeks flowering (I gave him a few extra days to be on the safe side), a short cut of flowers, and four Drying days, I weighed on average 100 gram per plant.

I made the first cruise with two good friends. There's nothing like the feeling that you're looking at a pretty compressed, king-size joint that smells like heaven, and most importantly, the knowledge that you've spent a few months of your life investing and cultivating the grass inside.

The taste was not one of the best I had ever tasted, a bit of my land, the aroma strong and aggressive. But the stroller, what a slap ...

During the 5-6 minutes of the first Papa, "the first impact is still hard to discern, but it's just the uniqueness of LSD, is rising higher and higher, slowly, and half an hour later you may find yourself in La La Land. " With an intense Stella that simply can not be ignored.

And the most wonderful part - I had more than 200 made of this stupid green!

For a year and a half I have not contacted my dealer, I have already forgotten what it means to "get organized" ...

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Barney's Farm - LSD
Barney's Farm - LSD

Barney's Farm LSD

Genetics: Skunk #1 x Mazar

Flowering time: 60-65 day

harvest: Up to 600 per square meter

THC: 24%

CBD: 1.3%

Purchase LSD seeds click here

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