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The "Night of the Bangs" event held in Jerusalem last night raised objections among some supporters of legalization. "We need to legalize marijuana rather than stalinists," says Talias, who thinks the demonstration has done more harm than good.

From: Talias Foundation

Yesterday, the current campaign for the legalization of marijuana in Israel reached its peak Active 3,000 gathered In the Rose Garden and in Sacher Park in Jerusalem for what is called the "Night of the Great Bangs."

Talias Foundation
Talias Foundation

The purpose of the demonstration was planned and published Since January) Was to concentrate thousands of people who smoked marijuana together so that the police would reach a situation where there was not enough manpower to stop them all, which in the opinion of the activists would contribute to the promotion of legalization.

The Facebook event organized by 5 Active is described on the event page as follows:

On the night of the 20 in April (between Saturday and Sunday), all the Bangs, the Giants, the evaporators and the cannabis needs to eat - all for an illegal smoking festival that says one thing: Get out of the body! Prohibition and dryness can end in a moment, let's be part of history. There is no intention of defiance or violation of the law, this is the law that sees it this way and not us. We come to smoke cannabis, because that's what we do. And if the state has a problem with cannabis smoking, it is invited to start arresting us one by one, and the more courageous they come, the more likely the arrests will be ...

When I asked on the event page how exactly a massive offense against the law and violent confrontations with policemen (who acted in a rather low way and did not even set up an ambulance for the demonstrators who were themselves beaten up) is supposed to contribute to advancing the lofty goal, the common answer was that the only way left is to protest and fight until there is no choice but to give up And let us smoke. "

In other words, the people who participate in the event think that the people who are conducting the war against them are the policemen, and that if we harass them enough, at some point they will get tired of going to the demonstrations and beating the protesters.

Proper behavior precedes the Torah

There are many reasons to make use of the marijuana plant legal: taxation which can put millions of dollars into the state coffers (see the state of Colorado which entered the coffers 3.5 Million Dollars Solvents In the first month after marijuana is legalized), the exclusion of teenagers who want to smoke marijuana from heavy drug dealers, medical uses that are second to none in the plant and animal world, industrial uses that can bring a lot of money into the local industry, / Philosophies such as "Is it the role or right of the government to determine what citizens drink / eat / smoke".

What contributes to legalization
What contributes to legalization? Click to enlarge

However, this demonstration and the mood in the legalization forums in Israel almost ignore all these reasons and insist on shouting to anyone who is willing to listen (and to those who do not) that the reason marijuana should be legal is that everyone smokes (even celebs and Knesset members!).

I'm sorry but that's a pretty dumb reason. If this reason was legitimate, then speeding should also be legal, such as drunken driving, downloading content on the Internet, prostitution and violence in soccer games.

More harm than good

It is much easier to go out into the streets with joints and bangs, to fight with policemen, to shout "Yalla Balagan" and to feel like Billy the boy fighting the authorities, but all that is achieved is that the convinced remain convinced and the people who really need to convince, Disturbing criminals that all they care about is Satla.

The only way to achieve the legalization of the cannabis plant in Israel is to understand the real (mostly economic) factors of the legal prohibition and economic understanding of how marijuana can bring in more money than the lobbyists of Teva or any other body that opposes legalization and acts against it. Conspiracy blah blah blah, does anyone really doubt?).

I greatly appreciate people who work for the purposes they believe in and I am sure that the people who came and organized the demonstration yesterday acted for their principles. I really appreciate them for it. Unfortunately, the main people working for legalization in Israel today do much more damage than benefit in the struggle and provide great ammunition to demagogues who are only looking for an opportunity to show everyone that people who smoke marijuana are mere stalagmites.

Maybe it's time to look at what was done in other countries, what succeeded and especially ... what not.

what do you think? Did the Night of the Bangs contribute to or hurt the struggle for legalization?
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