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Caution: Hemp seed oil is sold under the guise of cannabis oil and cures cancer

The health benefits of cannabis probably promote the sales of Hemp seed oil, although it does not contain the active ingredients in cannabis. Private companies violate the procedures and belong to the oil. This is a medical virtue, including treatment and prevention of cancer. Ministry of Health: "It's forbidden."

Teva stores sell food additives and offer their websites "seed oil Maple"They describe it as" cannabis oil, "ostensibly to promote sales, although it is produced from the seeds of HEMP and without the active components of cannabis.

Some of the companies even attribute to the seed oil which has exceptional health and medical properties, including cancer prevention, improved brain function and ADHD - definitions that even real cannabis must not be attributed to.

This behavior may be considered to be misleading consumers, and is contrary to the Ministry of Health regulations, which require that the product be called "cannabis seed oil" and that it will not have any medical advantages or hints to improve or strengthen health.

The most conspicuous of all is the Spirulina Life store, owned by Michal Lahans, which offers Hemp for sale on its Web site, which she calls "cannabis oil" and even attributes exceptional health benefits that do not really exist in the oil.

Moreover, the company even claims on its website that the oil allegedly contains the component CBD - cannabinoids, which have become popular in recent years and are considered to have medicinal properties - even though there is no CBD in the seeds of HEMP.

The company's health benefits include the treatment of attention deficit disorders, rehabilitation of injuries, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, candida, gastrointestinal problems, improved brain function and even cancer prevention and treatment.

This company, Spirulina Life, has gone even further in terms of describing the alleged health qualities of the oil, but other companies such as Teva Castel or TevaNet use the term "cannabis oil" to describe " , Apparently again to attract customers searching on Google for the phrase "Cannabis oil."

We contacted the director of Spirulina Life, Michal Belhans, who describes herself as a "health expert" on the company's website. In response, Lahans refused to present any references to her expertise in health.

She also insisted that it was definitely oil containing CBD and that everything written on the store site is true and accurate.

However, she declined to give an official response and said she was happy to receive free publicity. After the magazine's request, some of the false descriptions were deleted from the store's website, but others are still there.

The Ministry of Health said in response that "it is forbidden to attribute medicinal properties to food, including strengthening or healing the body, relief or assistance in dealing with symptoms of illness, and more. When it comes to attributing virtues such as healing illness - the ministry can deal with the committee to mislead the public, which treats, among other things, the attribution of virtues by dietary supplements. As far as deception is concerned as if it were cannabis - the subject could be handled by the Consumer Protection Authority. "

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Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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