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US History: Hemp (Cannabis Industrial) is back to be legal

After about a hundred years of banning happiness in the early morning a law that excludes industrial cannabis, known as Hemp, from the American Drug Act. This move will now allow for the growth and production of the legal herb and stimulate the new CBD industry - a molecule that can be produced using cannabis plants that meet the definition of the MAP.

In the morning, the US Congress approved the new Farm Law, which includes for the first time clauses that make industrial cannabisMaple, Hemp) are legal.

Significantly, after almost a century, any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3 will become a molecule THC To the laws of the United States - according to federal law.

The new law was approved as stated at the Israeli Congress tonight by a majority vote of 369-47 Earlier In the Senate with a majority of 87-13, and now waits only for the final signature of the President of the United States Donald Trump Which is expected to be approved without a doubt.

The Economy Act 2018 actually separates the plant from "Maple(Industrial cannabis) from the drug laws relating to "ordinary" cannabis, thereby allowing farmers and farmers who grow it to enjoy the same benefits as any other farmer who had previously been prevented from doing so - banking, water supply, insurance and more.

In fact, according to one of the theories, Hemp is the original reason for cannabis removal from the law in the last century in the United States. The plant was used in those days to produce a wide range of products (paper, textiles, food, ropes, etc.) and was considered the future of the American industry ("A billion dollar crop").

But as the first patent on plastic and nylon was registered before 90 a year ago, the ban on cannabis, which actually "excluded" them from the competition for the US industrial market, suddenly appeared.

The initiator of the new law, the Republican senator from the state of Kentucky Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell), who symbolically signed the bill with a pen made of Hemp, believes the law will allow the development of a huge industry and a new source of jobs.

"I hope that sometime in the future, Hemp could turn for the state of Kentucky into what tobacco used to be for her," he said. Indeed, Kentucky farmers believe that growing the plant and extracting components from the plant for extensive use could cover the losses they see from the tobacco industry, which is expected to be affected.

Another great significance may come in the context of the E-CBD, Has developed cannabis that is not psychoactive like THC and has become particularly popular in recent years, including in Israel.

The new law, which states that "HEMP" is a cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% of THC, does not include reference to CBD. It would therefore be possible for farmers to grow Cannabis-Hemp plants that produce large amounts of CBD as long as they have a low percentage of THC.

At the same time, the federal law - like the Israeli one - determines that a component produced from cannabis is illegal. Since CBD can be produced both from cannabis and from the map, its legal status will remain such that if extracted from cannabis it is illegal but if extracted from the map is legal.

This is a complex matter that the authorities will certainly demand from the authorities, although in the meantime it looks like a small opening for this giant industry. In Israel, the Ministry of Health insists on opposing any attempt to exclude CBD from the Drugs Ordinance and prevents any effort to define this component as legal.

"We still do not really know how the DEA will work with the new law," says Daniel Fiumelli of the University of California, professor of neuroscience and pharmacology. DEA spokeswoman Catherine Fluff agreed only to say that CBD products "intended for use by humans" will continue to be prohibited by law.

In recent years 10 has confirmed US states the legalization of cannabis "standard" for recreational use (including THC), but this is done contrary to federal law. Only with the help of Cole Memo published during the days of President Barack Obama can the federal authorities ignore these independent moves by the states.

In Israel, which is called "hemp, Is still considered to be banned by law just like cannabis and any attempt to make it legal was unsuccessful. These days A pilot is being conducted In which the Ministry of Agriculture (3) is raising the Happ fields in Israel in order to examine feasibility. According to information received by the magazine, the pilot does not succeed as expected, due to incorrect growth methods used by pilot managers.

Hemp can serve as a wide range of industries for which it was previously used as a source of raw material: food productsHemp oil), Textiles And even concrete.

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