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Are patients supposed to give medical advice to a cannabis messenger?

A courier from the Hafez Moving Company, which recently entered the medical cannabis industry, demanded and received a tip from the patient for the monthly delivery. Following the case, the Ministry of Health will consider establishing a new procedure on the matter.

M, a medical cannabis patient, alleges that a courier from the shipping company “Hafez” strongly urged her to receive a tip on the monthly delivery status of the supply.

She said she did not know at all that she was supposed to give a tip and was surprised by the demand, but at the request of the courier she agreed and gave him a tip of NIS 20.

Since the case, about three months ago, M. has continued to give a tip to the apostles every month since she thought this was acceptable.

"Unpleasant, but I didn't realize that a tip should be given, and then he asked me," she wrote in a Facebook cannabis forum post. "It's a little annoying because Thachas wouldn't have done shipping at all if there was an option."

"Overall, today I have already given a tip 4 times," she adds. “But nice about the rest, they were nice and didn't ask, only the first one really demanded it. The one that came today was even quite surprised by the tip. "

According to a source in the industry, "It is the patients' right to give a tip to the messenger if they find it appropriate but it is unlikely that a messenger will require such a thing."

Please note that some companies charge NIS 100 for shipping, while others allow free shipping included in the price. In any case, the messenger's salary is not based on tips but on a fixed monthly salary.

The Ministry of Health has not set a procedure in this regard, but, following a request from Cannabis magazine, announced that it would look into the matter. "The Ministry of Health guidelines do not address this issue," it said. "Let's take a look, and if necessary, we'll issue guidelines."

Hafez said in response that "there is no obligation to send a messenger, it is a personal matter. We pay our employees a full salary and they do not earn a living. If it is ascertained that the consignor has indeed asked for a client, we consider this to be serious and the money will be returned to the patient. In addition, his work will be terminated immediately. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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