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Cannabis seeds - how will we know they are high quality? X6 ways to detect

High quality and strong cannabis seeds will ensure a quality and strong cannabis plant. So whether and how it is possible to identify whether Cannabis seed is good or not - and how long do these seeds maintain their vitality? Beginners guide.

Most cannabis seeds offered for sale in high-quality seed stores will, in most cases, exhibit high germination rates of at least 95% and sometimes even more. In other words, only in rare cases can a cannabis seed purchased from an orderly company not germinate at all.

In contrast, cannabis seeds From an unknown source, may well be defective and eventually lead to the growth of a weak, disease-prone plant with a slow growth rate and low crop potential.

Cannabis seeds under a magnifying glass
How do you know if cannabis seed is good quality?

Fortunately, there are a number of external indications that help to identify healthy and essential cenabis seed:

1. No cracks Examination of the seed shell. Cannabis seeds with cracked bark may suffer from unhealthy penetration of moisture, air, and pests. These may harm the chances of successful sprouting.

2. Waxy peel - A healthy Cannabis seed will have a thin layer of wax that wraps it and gives it a slightly glossy appearance when tilted at angles to the side in front of the light source.

3. Color and spots - Most of the seeds of the essential cannabis will have dark spots and patches that decorate the bark. The color of healthy cannabis seeds will be relatively dark, ranging from beige to dark brown. Seeds too bright may be insufficiently developed - they will in most cases be weak and will not look at all.

4. Sperm size - ripe and healthy cannabis seed will generally have an elliptical structure, and significantly larger than other seeds that have not yet matured.
5. Strong shell - Although this method gives a good indication of sperm vitality, it is definitely less recommended than other options because it can cause irreversible damage to the sperm. Most of the shells surrounding healthy cannabis seeds will have a stiff, but slightly elastic texture, so that the seed can be gently squeezed without damage. Cannabis seed crushed with a gentle squeeze between the fingers will in most cases be a weak and useless seed.

6. Water cup method - This method is also effective for seeds other than cannabis seeds, however It should be used only when you want to start growing the plant. Fill half a cup of water and gently place the seeds that we want to check. After a few hours, if the seeds sank to the bottom of the glass, they are probably healthy and good seeds. If you leave the seeds up to 14 hours in the water, improve their germination prospects.

cannabis seeds
Good cannabis seeds have dark-colored spots, they are fleshy, strong and fertile-looking

& frac12; 6. The method of intuition - This method is not exactly "method" Although, but certainly can help. As you can distinguish between quality fruit and less, after examining how much is fleshy and weight and presence, it is possible only to discern what is a good seed and what is less good seed. This is not an unequivocal method, and it is not certain that every seed that you think is good will be good, but in most cases, a seed that you think is not good will not be good.

Can cannabis seeds have expired?

The short answer is yes, but if the seeds of cannabis are properly stored (That is how it is done properly), They can remain essential and sustainable even for years to come.

The ideal conditions for storing Cannabis seeds will be: extremely low humidity (less than 15% humidity), low temperature (which will not pass 5 ° C) and of course storage in a container or sealed container with minimal exposure to light.

In a book entitled "Physiology and Biochemistry of Seeds in Relation to Germination," a team of American scientists named Michael Black and Derek examined a wide variety of seeds including cannabis seeds in July. They found that in proper storage conditions, cannabis seed is able to remain essential as well After 19 years!

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