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South Africa: CBD Rules for trade and free use of non-prescription

The Ministry of Health of South Africa has permitted the sale of low-concentration, over-the-counter CBD products and out of pharmacies. CBD products with high concentration will require a doctor's prescription, but will not require a license from the Ministry of Health.

At the end of the week (23.5), the Health Ministry in South Africa published an update to the cannabis laws, which makes cannabidiol (CBD) a dangerous drug requiring a special license from the Ministry of Health for a drug sold in prescription pharmacies.

But the Ministry of Health did not stop here and added another "bonus" - a trial period of one year, according to which low-concentration CBD products would be completely excluded from the drug order and sold out of the box.

Trial period will end May 2020, but then it will be possible to renew the law for an additional period, or make it set.

Recall in 2017 Supreme Court in South Africa fix That the incrimination of cannabis consumers is unconstitutional and allows for the actual consumption and growth of cannabis for self-use, while instructing the state to amend the law accordingly.

The government has appealed this decision of the court, but it is Postponed Last year.

But even after Cannabis consumption and cannabis self-growth were permitted in South Africa, its two main active ingredients, THC and CBD cannabinoids, were still classified as dangerous drugs requiring a special license from the Ministry of Health.

The new law actually makes two changes to the law of the CBD, one of which is permanent and the other is for a trial period of one year as stated, but it can be renewed again after that.

The first change transfers the CBD from the 7 group to the Drug Ordinance, which contains dangerous drugs that require a special license from the Ministry of Health, including heroin, to the 4 group.

The drugs in the 4 group are considered to be low risk and can be sold with a doctor's prescription at any pharmacy, without any special license - this change is permanent.

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The second change is more far-reaching, and it completely excludes the CBD drug regulation with a maximum daily dose of 20 mg for one year.

It is not clear how this daily formula restriction will be enforced or translated into a maximum dose of products, but assuming that the common packaging sold is for monthly use, it will limit them to a maximum content of CBD 600 per pack.

An additional clause in the Ministry of Health declaration completely exempts all HMP products containing a minimal concentration of THC (less than 0.0001%) and CBD (less than 0.0075%) from the Drug Ordinance for a year.

Signature of the Minister of Health of South Africa on the exclusion of low-concentration CBD products and products from the Pharmaceutical Ordinance for a period of one year
Signature of the Minister of Health of South Africa on the exclusion of low-concentration CBD products and products from the Pharmaceutical Ordinance for a period of one year

The new laws will make it easier not only for consumers, but for the CBD manufacturers in South Africa, who have been forced to act under the severe restrictions imposed by the Drug Ordinance on the manufacture of dangerous drugs from the 7 group.

This is a big step for the legality of CBD in Africa as it is Most countries On the continent it is still not permitted, except for Zimbabwe and Lesotho, which are permitted by the CBD.

About two weeks ago (16.5) report That the Ministry of Health in Israel is also expected to permit the sale of CBD without a prescription, although the exact details have yet to be published and it may take a long time to implement this.

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