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Security video leaked: That's how Amos Silver escaped from the airport

Borispol airport security cameras in Kiev, Ukraine, reveal how the Telegrass manager fled from his guards.

A video from Borispol Airport security cameras in Kiev, Ukraine, has been revealed, showing how the Telegrass manager from his guards evaded.

In news reports in Israel and Ukraine, it is alleged that Silver allegedly bribed his guards from the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) at 40 thousand dollars to keep an eye on the evasion.

In the video itself, the guards cannot be seen next to him, but one cannot know for sure what the reason for their delay was - whether it was done innocently or accidentally, or intentionally.

As you can see Silver went through the magnetometer, collected the objects, looked left and right and fled back out uninterrupted.

Amos Silver at the time of his arrest by the Ukrainian police
Amos Silver after being remarried by the Ukrainian police

Remember Silver Finally caught A day later, while hiding in an apartment in a city of artisan, he hitchhiked from the airport.

He was arrested violently and placed on a flight to Israel in the morning. At 5: 00 has already landed at Ben Gurion Airport and at 14: 00 Stood before a judge Which extended his detention by 12 a day.

According to Silver's Ukrainian lawyer, his extradition to Israel was done in violation of the law, as his client was due to stand trial for the escape attempt.

According to him, the authorities in Ukraine are probably tired of his occupation and so they decided to turn a blind eye and send him to Israel without further trial.

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