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At the last minute: Better will continue to supply cannabis; Tikun Olam in negotiations

Better can continue to provide cannabis to patients even after at least 31.8 and by the end of the year. Tikun Olam is negotiating with the Ministry of Health, and it is likely that its activity license will also be extended, at least temporarily.

The two oldest companies in the Israeli cannabis industry are facing the expiry of the provisional license, which is expected to expire in nine days (31.8). But Cannabis Magazine has learned that patients who have feared supply halt can, at least some, breathe a sigh of relief in the meantime.

Butter has not yet been able to obtain a mandatory IMC-GAP standard certificate as a condition for growing cannabis since 1.9, and also suffered a blow earlier this week after the company's management, chairman Danny Naveh and CEO Pinchas Zruia, They announced On their resignation, but a temporary solution seems to have been found.

The Ministry of Health has decided that Better can continue to operate in the industry and grow cannabis even without holding it, at least until the end of the year (31.12). The decision to extend the company's temporary growth license stems from the failure to obtain the standard, which is probably due to a section on individual construction permits whose transfer is delayed, and not to the manner or quality of the growth procedures.

On the other hand, Tikun Olam is facing a much more complex procedure, in which the Ministry of Health requires the company's owners, Tzachi Cohen, to give up its shares in the company immediately, in light of the police directive and following uncovered confidential intelligence.

In principle, if Cohen does not sell his shares in the company (over 70%), for which he is asking for $ 100 million to date, the Ministry of Health will not renew the company's license for activity in the industry - according to Court guidance.

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However, Cannabis Magazine knows that negotiations are currently underway between the company and the Ministry of Health, both for a final outline that will allow the company's continued operation as usual, and for the interim period until the sale of the company or another solution that will allow it to continue operating.

Since selling a company of this size is a procedure that can take a long time, it is reasonable to believe that the Ministry of Health will eventually, temporarily, extend the company's activity license even after 31.8 - mainly to prevent injury to patients, especially with autistic children who do not find company products. The others.

As a reminder, following serious malfunctions in the implementation of reform and the lack of supply in pharmacies, the Ministry of Health has published a new line of relief, including Administrative extension Of all licenses handled up to 31.12, permitting Switch between suppliers And back to the old series, and yes Extension of powers Pharmacists issue cannabis products according to inventory and not according to the doctor's instructions.

Cannabis fines

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