In my eyes: the law of cannabis is a moral duty

In about three weeks, Feiglin's medical cannabis bill will be discussed again by the ministerial committee - this time in a version of the Health Ministry. Giovanna Klimerman summarizes in detail the background to the ban on cannabis in law and the reasons for the resistance of the medical system and calls for the victory of justice and morality over ignorance and brainwashing.

By: Giovanna Klimerman

When the pharmaceutical companies hear of attempts to recognize cannabis as a medicinal plant, they panic and put the Health Ministry into panic, and the Ministry of Health controls psychological terror and brings panic to the doctors, members of the Knesset and the general public. If there were no patients in the middle, you could laugh at the grotesque hypocrisy of the health minister, in her efforts to thwart a vital and important move, just to please her hosts: the wealthy.

Giovanna Klimerman
Giovanna Klimerman

As mentioned, in 20 / 10 / 13 The Ministerial Committee on Legislation decided Not to vote on the proposed cannabis bill of Moshe Feiglin and Chaim Katz. The committee promised to submit an alternative law, within the day 45, and not, the proposal of MKs Feiglin and Katz, will be re-voted.

The bill by Feiglin and Katz, which so upset the committee, seeks to put an end to the despairing bureaucracy, harassment, and unnecessary suffering caused to the sick by a criminal policy that seeks to care for the pharmaceutical companies and the interests of the patients and the citizens. In the proposal submitted by Feiglin and Katz, they propose expanding the circle of physicians (all over the country) who are authorized to issue prescriptions for medical cannabis and to allow family physicians to issue such prescriptions, based on their professional understanding and familiarity with the patient.

American study: Dead as a result of prescription drugs

professor Moshe Kotler, Chairman of the Israeli Society for Addiction Medicine:

"Opiates are more addictive than medical cannabis"

The following sections were taken from a final document of the committee that had been active in the previous Knesset, headed by MK Taleb al-Sana'a:

Who stopped the process of regulating medical cannabis?

Who stopped the process of regulating medical cannabis?

Who stopped the process of regulating medical cannabis?

In the article Published in Haaretz on 7 / 12 / 2012, reported the sharp increase in the number of patients in Israel authorized to use medical cannabis and the planned system, which even included the supply of the drug in pharmacies. Somebody stuck sticks in the wheels and stopped the process. "The Health Ministry also plans to allow the supply of medical marijuana at pharmacies starting in 2013, a move that Nadelman defines as a" world-class breakthrough. " Today, only the pharmacy of Yoseftal Hospital in Eilat holds approval for the distribution of medical marijuana. It is only in the Netherlands that pharmacies are allowed to provide marijuana patients with medical use, and this is also relatively limited. Pharmacies that want to supply marijuana will have to have security measures, including safes. "

Seven sections of hell on the way to the registry

Only those who have the disease or symptom they suffer from appear In the list of indications Which the Ministry of Health has prepared, may apply for medical cannabis treatment; But there is a condition: the patient can submit the request for discussion in the committee, only at the recommendation of a specialist (which appears The 14 list of competent doctors All over the country), after a year in which he was treated with all kinds of chemicals in the stock of pharmaceutical companies, suffered all possible side effects, developed dependence or addiction to opioids, amphetamines, steroids, or liver, kidneys, , Somehow have to worry about the profits of the pharmaceutical companies) and the doctor decides to recommend and send to the Ministry of Health the form of recommendation.

Those who are lucky enough not to commit suicide or die under the influence of prescription drugs during the year they use mouse trials, from the moment the doctor submits the application, the patient must wait between one month and 3 months for the committee's decision. There are people sitting on the committee who do not know the patient, they never spoke to him, they never saw him, but they are the ones who are destroying his fate. In contrast to the eternal prescriptions that patients receive for Sami a difficult prescription without any need for complex committees and bureaucracies, the license for medical cannabis Should be renewed every six months.

The German campaign against medical cannabis

When Lapid said,I am against legalization, because it is illegal"I thought he was joking. he is not! This pathetic sentence came out of the mouth of a man who was elected to sit in the legislature because "he came to change" ?!

The same goes for Minister German:Cannabis is a dangerous drug and not a cure"He said. A parliamentary speaker in the legislature knows very well that the legislature is where absurd laws can be fixed, such as the law that turned the cannabis plant into a drug; This is where we can put an end to the most despicable conspiracy of financiers against man and nature. So if Mrs. German wants to change the definition of cannabis from a dangerous drug to a drug, to a non-dangerous medicinal plant, or to a nutritious sweetener, it is no fairy tale!

Cannabis alcohol or tobacco

German adopted Netanyahu's system of fear and rule. The campaign launched by the Ministry of Health against medical cannabis is expressed in unfortunate and embarrassing statements aimed at creating fear and disapproval among the public. The health minister has no red lines:

"Doctors will become dealers", "The doctors are terrified that the law will come into effect, "This is legalization on the backs of doctors", WTF !!! Is this the trust German gives doctors in Israel ?! (Dear German, I am hopeful that most doctors are not like most Knesset members: terrified dealers who serve as the back of the wealthy!).

Every day doctors in Israel distribute prescriptions for drugs that are as hard as heroin or cocaine: opioids, amphetamines, steroids, valium, psychotherapeutic drugs full of psychoactive substances, painkillers and more ... all contain life-threatening and life-threatening substances and they do so without becoming dealers or terrified ! Ms. Germain is also responsible for protecting the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, so she invests so much effort, alongside these companies, that the doctors will continue to be exclusive dealers of the pharmaceutical companies!

German: "Doctors do not prescribe prescriptions for cigarettes or alcohol". How embarrassing it is to hear such a statement from the public health officer and purport to show a conservative line about what is called the "soft drugs" law. Unfortunately, it has been scientifically proven that alcohol and cigarettes are harmful to health and can cause serious illnesses and even death, while cannabis was already known in the distant past as a medicinal plant. How do you compare the deadly products, and the medicinal plant ?!

No, doctors do not prescribe cigarettes, they are sold freely and legally, although according to statistics they kill about 5 a million people a year in the world! "The mortality rate in Israel is about 9,000 per year, and about a thousand others die from exposure to forced smoking," she said.

No, doctors also do not prescribe alcohol, it is legally sold, although according to the World Health Organization, it kills about 2.5 million people worldwide each year, of which over 1,000 Israelis!

Minister German forgot to point out that doctors do not prescribe prescriptionsSammy the crackers Sellers are free, even though they are illegal. No minister in the government, including the health minister, appears to be going out in a war against these harmful chemicals, which have already proved their danger to quite a few boys and girls who have become addicted Hospitalizations, Attempts at detoxification, suicides and death.

The manufacturer of the Mishbuton: "I will call Bibi the next Sam":

10 Leading causes of death in Israel:

10 Leading causes of death in Israel
10 Leading causes of death in Israel

The cannabis plant, which ceaselessly ceases to be surprised by its many medicinal virtues and has not been charged with any death, continues to be systematically and uncompromising: persecuted, discriminated against, denied and ostracized.

Judging by the actions, it is difficult to understand how the Health Ministry expresses its concern for the health of the public. The fact that lethal substances such as alcohol (Study: Alcohol is more dangerous than heroin and cocaine), Tobacco and sami pizzas, are sold freely on the free market, while cannabis, which ceaselessly surprises its many medicinal virtues and does not commit any deaths, continues to be systematic and uncompromising: persecuted, discriminated against, The intentions and motives of those in charge of public safety.

  • How can it be that these teenagers, who go out every weekend to get drunk, smoke, get high and get in trouble personally and socially, risking mental illness or even death as a result of the use of legal alcohol or one of the illegal accessible chemicals do not disturb the health minister's sleep The passion, the spirit of battle, and the power of resistance aroused by cannabis?
  • How is it possible that the Ministry of Health attributes no importance to the many damage caused to internal organs, deaths and suicide cases that originate in the legal prescription drugs and continues to encourage their use?
  • Why does the Health Minister systematically deny the many studies and ignore the patient's testimonies regarding the medical efficacy of cannabis?

It turns out that what bothers the health minister and her ministry is how to keep the profits of the wealthy and the giant corporations involved in the disease industry at all costs. All the rest is irrelevant. German is not embarrassed and is not ashamed to say Which in her opinion should turn cannabis into an expensive drug Which will be sold by the pharmaceutical companies.

So what do we do with all this?

In an ideal world where there are no power struggles, dark deals between government and the underworld, and there are no corporations and giant corporations that take over the Knesset members and the media, bribe, spread lies, sow panic, appease the public and maneuver the entire economy for their profits, The issue of cannabis clearance in one moment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Public opinion is in the hands of the wealthy represented by the brainwashing of the leadership and the media. As long as their propaganda continues to broadcast horror scripts and deny the reality of research, evidence and evidence, many will continue to believe lies.

  • In order to move forward on the issue of cannabis, some difficult hurdles must be crossed: The first The most difficult of which is the conspiracy of the 70. Similar to what happened in the 30 of the last century, when cannabis threatened Hurst's paper industry and DuPont's petrochemical plant, today cannabis terrifies quite a few stakeholders who are concerned about their health and have all the necessary means to continue to finance the The link against legalization. The second hurdle Is derived from the first and is no less difficult to crack - this is the bond of trust and ignorance, or in more blunt terms: the herd symptom. Unfortunately, most of the public feeds on television programs and articles published in magazines and newspapers that belong to and serve the interests. They publish by invitation what they want to plant in the public mind. There is no one who can compete with the propaganda that the capitalists can finance, in their personal affairs, in their connections with ministers, Knesset members, professors, doctors, advertising people, media people, their ability to connect directly to the average Israeli's brain for daily rinsing. In short, Bore is one who does not seek one's own truth and believes it is in the media junk. One is a sucker who feeds on lies, believes lies, recites lies, justifies lies and lives according to the lies and interests of those in power!
  • Those who take care of the youth and the public at large would not deny the many studies that have already shown that there is a strong correlation between cancer morbidity and tobacco smoking and drinking alcohol, and certainly not from studies proving that cannabis cures cancer and helps quit smoking tobacco and alcohol. True concern for public health requires drawing conclusions!
  • The banning of cannabis did not prevent consumption! 70 years of incriminating users and plant, have been unable to deter! The criminalization policy in Israel is pouring in a fortune for a failed struggle and law enforcement needs that have already been proven throughout the world that it is impossible to enforce. About NIS 700 a year is invested in managing a failed, hopeless and unjust war - the time has come to change policy! In this case, it is very worthwhile to internalize the words of Albert Einstein: "Stupidness is to repeat the same action time after time and each time to expect another result."

As mentioned above, the conflicts of most of the public in its attitude toward cannabis, especially those who have never experienced, are:

  1. 70 years of defamation, during which there was apparently a consensus on the assertion that cannabis is a dangerous drug and its users are stalinists whose lives are destroyed.
  2. Ignorance and fear stemming from disinformation, which stems from a blind faith in lies spread through the media by the messengers of the interested parties, such as German, doctors, etc., which constitute "very reliable sources" for the citizens.

Yael German - Bora, scared or interested?

Yael German
Yael German

Gramman does not have much maneuvering or space to make decisions for herself. The directive from above is to make it as difficult and as narrow as possible to grant the licenses to medical cannabis. On legalization certainly there is nothing to talk about! As usual, for us, capital is the one that sets the tone:

  1. One thing about German is right: Cannabis is not a cure, for the record: Cannabis is a plant with healing properties, industrial potential and more, Originating in nature. Cannabis is a gift of nature, with many benefits, virtues and uses for all human beings. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to patent him for a fortune. Nature has already achieved them, cannabis can not be reinvented as an expensive medicine!
  2. The fear of a healthy public that does not buy or buys less drugs at Teva, Leaves sleeps of concerned directors, especially in view of the disclosure of very alarming data about the health hazard and damages resulting from the use of prescription drugs and prescription drugs. The last thing the German Ministry of Health wants is to quarrel or distribute medical cannabis to directors who have suffered anxiety, shock, trauma, heart attack, or stroke as a result of changing the status of cannabis. It is much easier and simpler to preserve the injustice and to give the public in general and the sick public in particular to pay the price.
  3. The industrial and environmental potential of cannabis, Plus its healing powers, raises many fears and fears among the owners of the capitalist empires and they put pressure on their deputies in the legislature. As is well known, as part of a "hand-washing" between capital and government, the Netanyahu government is obligated to serve the wealthy and to protect them with dignity, under the auspices of the public coffers and at the expense of the general public.

The panic of all those who strongly oppose legalization; Whether because they believe that cannabis is more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, or because of fear of an unnecessary economic threat bordering on absurdity, just like the Health Ministry's conduct on cannabis.

Medical Cannabis? What about legalization?

The cannabis revolution has begun and is bringing a new message to mankind. For those who have not yet noticed: legalization has begun And it is occupying more and more countries. This snowball can not be stopped; The Health Ministry, the Knesset and the State of Israel can only be crushed in an attempt to divert from its path a process that has already begun to take place all over the world. A wave of understanding - that only full legalization of cannabis will constitute a complete correction to the conspiracy, distortions, lies and denial of the right to the general public, which is interested in enjoying the many wonderful virtues of a plant that is a natural gift.

Legalization is a political, public and social necessity. Pharmaceutical companies should also be in favor of legalization. It is better for them to let cannabis be what it should be: a medicinal plant, accessible and available to every patient, requires, or uses, just like sage, chamomile, oregano, nutmeg, etc. so that they can continue to be pharmaceutical companies.

Although it is a cure, cannabis is not a cure. It is absurd to make a plant free of synthetic chemicals (cures, calms, stores, prevents calcium loss, lowers sugar, relieves pain, cures cancer, etc.) in competition with the deadly chemicals the pharmaceutical companies produce! It's absurd that alcohol and tobacco are legal and cannabis is not! It's absurd that doctors are allowed to give prescriptions for hard drugs and cannabis does not! It is even more absurd to discuss whether to give doctors permission to prescribe cannabis instead of discussing legalization.

The state takes out Close to 700 million a year to fight drugs, To a futile pursuit of merchants and users and for counter-propaganda purposes. Legalization will save millions to the state coffers and will, according to estimates, generate about NIS 1 billion a year.

The policy of incrimination that is being practiced in the world for a year, beginning with a criminal conspiracy of financiers, failed miserably! Reality proves that the policy of incrimination does not detract from alchemy and is of no use; It contributes to the prosperity of the business of drug dealers and hostile elements; It incriminates innocent people; It makes young people resort to really dangerous substances (alcohol, semi-pizzas, poisoned drugs); It causes unnecessary expenses and the loss of potential income to the state coffers.

Moshe Feiglin on legalization
Moshe Feiglin on legalization

There is no need to fear, fear or panic and panic from legalization! The number of users of cannabis for leisure and pleasure in Israel is estimated to be between 700 and 1,000,000! Dozens of years of incrimination proved that anyone who wants drugs, if necessary, will also take risks And get involved with criminal or hostile elements (Legalization will prevent these factors from profiting, injecting poisoned drugs into the country and the exposure of citizens in general and youth in particular to the danger of traffickers and drugs they acquire) in order to achieve its goal. Hence, there is no connection between the desire and the decision to consume cannabis or any other drug, and the fact that the drug is illegal.

If, in the case of legalization, the numerical growth of cannabis users for leisure and pleasure will consist of those that will give up cigarettes, alcohol, and sami pizzas, legalization can already be crowned as a hopeful success. The German apocalyptic scenario of doctors turning into traffickers and a state where all its citizens become drug addicts is ridiculous and Bazeletess; On the contrary, data collected in other countries, Legalization did not cause an increase in the number of users; In the US, for example, there was a drop in the number of alcohol consumers. Here too, in spite of everything, a new spirit is blowing, especially from Haim Messing, former head of the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, Who said "It's impossible to include all the drugs in one piece ... You can not build a strategy on a cliché ... The statement that someone who starts with marijuana and ends up with cocaine and heroin is wrong ... The stupidest campaign I shared at the beginning of my career was that whoever smokes marijuana dies ... People who drink a whole bottle of whiskey can die within a few minutes, and it happened in Israel, even in the past year. Alcohol causes problems in the liver, the brain, almost every part of the body. "

Since legalization does not even have the chance to even be discussed, at least the abuse and disrespect of patients treated with cannabis should stop immediately!

The Ministry of Health must emerge from the antagonism and understand that the law of Feiglin's cannabis is a moral duty. Patients treated with medical cannabis are entitled to medical services just like any other patient, ie, in the nearest clinic, from the family doctor and at reasonable prices. The process for obtaining cannabis prescription as it is today is difficult, long, cumbersome, discouraging, tedious and expensive. Unfortunately there are people who have to endure unnecessary suffering only because of the ongoing bureaucratic process, and there are those who die before the desired prescription. And if this is not enough, even after receiving the license (the Ministry of Health chose to call the prescription for cannabis), drug collection and medical follow-up continue to be complicated and exhausting.

It should be remembered that most of the patients treated with cannabis suffer from cancer or from chronic chronic diseases that need medication without delay. The Ministry of Health authorized 14 doctors only throughout the country, and as stated, it opposes supporting Feiglin's and Katz's bill to allow the family doctor to issue prescriptions for cannabis, just as he does prescription opioids, amphetamines, steroids and painkillers without becoming a drug dealer! As for the "concern" expressed by German that "there are not enough studies" and that the terrified doctors have no instructions and have no idea what doses to register ... there is at least one qualified 14 physician who can guide a training conference or edit and distribute a document containing all the details and instructions The use necessary to provide services to patients treated with cannabis.

According to data provided by German herself, 11,000 has a license for medical cannabis in Israel. 2009 had only 1,800, as in any case, if the medical cannabis proved to be harmful or ineffective, we would already have heard of it. And the number of drug applicants has been declining, so that in addition to research done in laboratories around the world, there is also cumulative evidence of patients who have recovered or that their lives have changed for the better following treatment!

Jonathan Weinberg
Ben 15 and a half treated with medical cannabis: "My pain dissolved like saccharine"

In conclusion

Presumably, if cannabis was harmful or dangerous to health and patients were physically or mentally injured as a result of its use, we would already know:

A. The Health Ministry itself would have revoked the licenses and issued an unprecedented counter-propaganda, just as it should be treated with regard to the damages of the legal remedies.
B. It would have gone from word to mouth and the demand for permits would not have gone up, but would have gone down.

Finally, Dr. Sanjay Gupta's film,Here with Hebrew subtitles), The American doctor who apologized and said: "I was wrong when I said cannabis is dangerous - led us astray."

Pressure, threats, and horror scripts are common tools that have proven to be effective in our political system. On Monday, two days before the vote on the Feiglin Law, and after a long period of unbridled propaganda, which included intense horror and brainwashing of the Health Ministry against the law, doctors suddenly forget the doctor's oath, succumb to German psychological terror and decide Send a letter to the justice minister In which they express their opposition to the Feiglin Katz Law.

It is difficult to know what will be the essence of the proposal submitted by the members of the Ministerial Committee for Legislative Affairs, or at all. It is to be hoped that all parties concerned will begin to take seriously all parameters and data; Will cease to disregard the rights of the patients, the intelligence and health of the general public and will arrive at the correct, moral, just and required decision on the subject: The approval of the Feinberg Katz law.

Your stage!

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