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Because of 9, Jaras: Israeli has been imprisoned in Russia for 4 months

On Tuesday, the trial of Naama Issachar, an Israeli young woman who was arrested in Moscow on her way from India to Israel, is expected to begin after her case identified a piece of Jaras weighing 9 grams.

Naama Issachar, an Israeli girl of 25, has been imprisoned for about 4 months in Russia after her bag was caught 9 gram Jaras - hashish Indian.

Naama was arrested by the Moscow Airports Authority on her way from India back to Israel after a trip of about 4 months in the east.

Naama Issachar (Photo: Mako)
Immigrated to Israel to serve in the army, Naama Issachar (Photo: Mako)

Russian authorities have decided to accuse the Israeli young woman of drug trafficking and not only possession of drugs, although this is a quantity that is generally considered to be self-employed.

"The prosecutor decided she smuggled the drugs, even though everyone knows she didn't," said Naama's mother in an interview with 12 News.

The mother, who has traveled to Moscow in an attempt to free her daughter, has not been able to muster the necessary resources for this, according to the report.

According to the report, "Is discouraged from the conduct and meanwhile, the state offers it assistance for very high amounts"

Naama immigrated to Israel from the United States to serve in the army, and her service graduated with honors as a combat officer in the Combat Corps ("Intelligence Field").

Naama Issachar (Photo: Mako)
Arrested in Moscow on her way back from India to Israel, Naama Issachar (Photo: Mako)

"Four months ago she was at a detention center, a facility with 30 girls in a large courtroom, then moved to another prison," the mother describes. "The detention hearing was over in ten minutes. They didn't let me and Naama approach, we spoke a few sentences and she was handcuffed to the police station."

The Foreign Ministry told 12 News that they know and handle the issue. The Israeli Consul in Moscow, Yaffe Eloyevsky, is responsible for the detention and concern for humanitarian services.

"In general, the Foreign Ministry, through its diplomatic missions abroad, is not allowed to intervene in the investigative and trial proceedings of another sovereign state, as is the case here," the ministry said. "Foreign Ministry involvement is in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and involvement can only be on a humanitarian basis."

On Tuesday, her trial is expected to start, and according to reports, the attorneys are rather optimistic and claim to have evidence that she did not escape.

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