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Buying cannabis seeds in 4 is easy

How to open a discreet mailbox? How to pay without leaving a trace, where and where to order the seeds and what kind of shipment to choose: All you need to know about the safe ordering of cannabis seeds online in 4 simple steps.

*** All the information in this article refers to countries where cannabis seeds and cannabis seeds are completely legal or for those who have received a license from the manager under any law ***

Before booking - things to know

Ordering Cannabis seeds is (still) not exactly like ordering a product on Amazon or eBay, so you should figure out where things stand before you approach the order.

Know the implications:

As we all know, cannabis is still illegal everywhere, and it includes the whole package: possession / personal consumption (including holding seeds), trade and of course growing.

The seizure of a package of seeds by the police may lead to criminal proceedings involving those involved, although not quite severe.

The good news:
1. An absolute majority, clear and almost without exception of the seed packages reach their destination safely.
2. Most penalties for holding seeds are a joke (delay and home - just like a joint's perception).

Although there are occasional media reports about perceptions of seed packages by customs authorities in different countries, it is important to remember that these perceptions are a drop in the ocean: the estimates are that, in the end, between 1 and 3% of the seed packages are perceived, if at all.

4 Seed Purchase Steps - Step by Step

Cannabis seeds are excellent
Cannabis seeds are excellent

Step one: Find a recipient address

The most significant criminal danger involved in ordering seeds is not at all in the perception of the seeds, but in the fact that this perception constitutes a pretext for the police to search the recipient's address - Where they may find evidence of another offense - which would be of equal value to them.

It is important to understand that the legal system is undergoing the same process of "normalization" with the entire company - to date, in the vast majority of cases where the only evidence found was the seeds only. The suspect was released after a slight delay. In many cases, And welcome) of the judicial system to ease such offenses.

If you grow cannabis at home and / or hold large quantities at home, the best idea for you is to find a friend who will cooperate and agree that his or her address will serve as the destination address for the package. Make sure the apartment is "clean". If you do not grow at home and keep only quantities for your own use, there should be no unusual problem.

Some growers are used to "skip" the alternative address and simply invite them home - it is recommended to avoid such action because even if the apartment itself is "clean" when the package is perceived - the address itself has already been "burned" by receiving police attention.

Let us reiterate that the chances of perception are low and the criminal consequences are not relatively severe, so it should not be particularly difficult to find a suitable friend to serve as a short-term monkey.

Every week, nearly a million e-mails arrive in Israel, close to 2 - so who is the first policeman to volunteer?
Every week, nearly a million e-mails arrive in Israel, close to 2 - so who is the first policeman to volunteer?

Step two: Select preferred cannabis seeds

The vast variety of cannabis varieties available on the market today allows everyone to grow the right variety for their desired effect and, no less important, in terms of the nature of the crop. There are cannabis varieties Which bloom quickly And those that would take at least a hundred days to bloom, Cannabis species That they are yeast Height of two meters And more And dwarf species At a height of a few tens of centimeters, juicy varieties that give a strong fragrance and more "relaxed" varieties that hardly benefit anything.

In any case, it is important for the grower to take into account all the different parameters related to the growth process before selecting the designated variety "The guide to choosing a suitable species for growing" To better understand the significant factors in the equation and "The Guide to Selecting a Cannabis Variety is Healthly Right" For adjustment to those seeking medical treatment.

It is useful to list different species because not all seed companies have all the available varieties, so you can keep several open options in case some of the desired varieties are not in their arsenal.

Step Three: Choosing a Seed Company

Some important points about seed companies:

reliability: The global legalization revolution brought with it dozens of seed companies from around the world. On the one hand, this is a positive trend that increases competition and forces the various companies to improve for the benefit of the customer. On the other hand, it causes bad people to exploit this market and operate semi-fictitious or semi-fictitious seed companies.

On the page "Buying seeds" You can find a list of recommended seed companies with a huge selection of cannabis seeds. You can always read reviews and make inquiries Internet forums About Cannabis Seed Companies More Credibility.

Seed companies on the level invest in the product packaging
Seed companies on the level invest in the product packaging

Variety of varieties: Cannabis seed companies abroad work in collaboration with breeders and breeders of specific species - some companies boast a wide variety of cannabis varieties, while others differentiate themselves with a more "exclusive" variety of exotic and rare varieties. Of each company and make sure that it does meet the needs.

way of payment: It is important to check which payment methods are accepted by the company before placing the order. In most cases, the seed companies offer a wide variety of payment methods: credit card, cash mail delivery, bank transfer, check and even Bitcoin - everything grabs.

From a safety point of view, there will always be a preference for means of payment that will not leave any traces of authenticity:

Sending money by mail will probably be the most difficult way to locate the authorities, but it requires prior coordination with the company (it is best to contact the company's representatives before sending the envelope with the payment - just to make sure that all the details are correct) Physically burdensome process during which the client is required to get up from the sofa and to deliver to the nearest post office.

The most common payment method for online seed ordering will be charged Visa card" - a completely anonymous credit card that can be purchased at post offices.

pay attention: We received complaints from readers who reported that at the post office they sometimes insisted on requesting an ID for the visa card, even though in advertisements they displayed the service as "anonymous".

An investigation revealed that the confusion was created because the mail provides two different types of loaded cards:

Visa card dollars charged - This card is recommended in most cases by counter clerks in the mail: the ticket costs 40 NIS in Israel, for example, and it is possible to recharge it as many times as you want at whatever amount you want - It is not recommended to use it.

A "shekel" visa card is loaded - This card is very limited and one-time so that it can be used only one use, the amount of charge is very limited and ranges from 250 NIS (minimum to fill) up to 1000 NIS (maximum) - Visa card does not require identification and therefore It is better and better to demand this card And use it during booking.

This is how it looks: a "shekel"
This is how it looks: a "shekel"

It is important to note that the postal clerks in most cases will insist on offering the multi-time card (they will claim that this is a more lucrative service for various reasons). Therefore, it is recommended to assert assertively the "shekel" card, which is more limited but completely anonymous.

Step Four: Place the order

Location: It is recommended that you do not place your order from your computer at home, but rather go to a public place (such as a coffee shop, a library, etc.) - so that the authorities can not trace the source of the invitation.

The Cannabis seed ordering process is quite simple and requires less than 5 minutes. You can find detailed manuals for the ordering process specifically for each company on the page "Buying seeds" - In these guides you can also get a "discount code" that will slightly reduce your final account.

Select shipping method: Most seed companies offer a number of options for variable shipping. Shipping methods vary from company to company, but opinions are divided about the efficiency and success rates of expensive shipments - many argue that It is best to always choose the simplest shipping option.

From an inquiry we conducted with representatives of several seed companies in Europe, it appears that the option of "disguised delivery" exists mainly for the sake of the client's peace of mind. According to them, the simplest shipment reaches its destination in high percentages without problems.

The main reason that breeders prefer the simplest way of shipping is because the packages that are shipped in the simple delivery are almost always delivered directly to the private mailbox, so if the mail courier is knocking on the door (which is actually an undercover cop who spends our tax money) , You can immediately understand that this is probably a trap, look him in the white of the eyes and say: "Sorry but this is probably a mistake in the address. I have never ordered anything like this before ... "

On the other hand, the more expensive means of transportation (in which the seeds are concealed by various means of camouflage) usually require the collection of the package from the post office or the arrival of a messenger to the house.

Discrete mailbox: Although, as we explained, there is no need for such service Private services Who offer to open a private mailbox and promise to maintain complete discretion. Israel Postal Service Provides a private mailbox as well And although it requires an ID card, you can certainly send a letter to this box, just ask that the details of the recipient be different from yours - so the envelope will reach the private box, but not your name.

Once the details of the shipment have been completed in full, only the payment method has to be entered, the order process completed and patiently waiting for the package. It is important: After the package arrives at the address, it is recommended that you wait a few days before opening the envelope and may even write a "mistake in the address" and place it on the refrigerator. If after 5 days no one came, no one probably will not arrive anymore.

Did the seeds come? See the Guide to sprouting seeds and you Cannabis growing guide.

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Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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