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Guide to making RSO oil at home (including video)

View the catalog of RSO oil - the world's most famous cannabis oil - used by thousands in Israel for self-treatment of cancer, analgesia and coping with health problems:

There are very few Cannabis enthusiasts in the world who have not yet encountered the name Rick Simpson, the Canadian farmer who developed a technique for producing cannabis oil. The rumors about his medicinal properties have reached almost every corner of the globe - Israel too.

The term "Cannabis oil"Usually refers to a wide variety of oils derived from the cannabis plant, in their heads Cannabis oil Which is produced by the licensed companies and can be treated mainly for children and adults and those who are not interested in smoking Evaporation Of cannabis inflorescence.

Next to the "regular" oil there is Dozens of types of cannabis extracts, Including cooking oil For preparing various dishes, Oils applied to the skin or Hemp oil.

But for the treatment of cancerous tumors, the use of highly concentrated oil, which was dubbed "Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Oil)".

Rick Simpson himself states that oil is "A cure for everything"According to him, indeed, many in Israel adopted his treatment - despite Ministry of Health announcement Recently that the production of home extraction of plant cannabis is prohibited by law - even if the flowers objects are held in a licensed.

Once the oil has been produced, it is important to follow it accurately Exact usage instructions, Since it is a strong material with quite intense influence.

Equipment required:

  • Cannabis flowers (at least 8-10 g)
  • mixer
  • Thermometer
  • Coffee filter
  • Alcohol for drinking 96%
  • Network Filter
  • Glass jar
  • Measuring syringe
  • Pyrex bowls
  • Electric stove

How to do this:

1. · Place the cannabis in a mixer

Cannabis Gross in a mixer

2. Cover the chaff with a layer of alcohol and simmer for twenty minutes. During the soaking the plant material will sink and the liquid will darken.

Cannabis is infused with alcohol

3. Separate the plant material from the liquid with a sieve. It is recommended to squeeze the wet cuttings at the end to take full advantage of the liquid.

Drain the plant material

4. Drain the liquid using a coffee filter

Cannabis filter in filter coffee

5. Make a bowl of "Miriam's Bath" and boil the water to 78 degrees. Then pour the liquid into a bowl and leave on the stove for 2 hours. Keep the temperature of 78 degrees and mix from time to time.

Boil Cannabis in the "Miriam Bath"

6. After the bubbling has stopped, the oven should be placed in a temperature of 110 degrees for about 40 minutes.

Place cannabis in the oven

7. At the end of the heating, the oil is cooled and the desired dose is pumped with a syringe. The oil can be transferred to empty capsules for easy and prolonged maintenance.

Cannabis oil in the syringe

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